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Which server do I use on MetaTrader 4?
USDReal01 mt4r01.fxcorporate.com
USDReal02 mt4r06.fxcorporate.com
USDReal03 mt4r09.fxcorporate.com

9 more rows

How do I add a server to MetaTrader 4?

How to add another Server in MT4First, make sure you have logged to an account. … Next, click on File> Open an Account. … Click on the + to add Broker Name. … If the Live 2 server pops out, then you will have the Live 2 server in the MT4 platform.

How do I find my MT4 server?

0:001:20Name you received in the email you can select from the drop down list of all the ic market serversMoreName you received in the email you can select from the drop down list of all the ic market servers or input your server. Name. Now you’ll be asked to enter your information log in with your mt4.

What is proxy server for MT4?

A proxy server is an intermediate between the trader’s computer and the trading server. It is mostly used by internet providers or by local networks. If a connection problem occurs, you should turn to your systems administrator or to the internet provider.

Where is forex server on MT4?

The IP address of your MT4 platform should be listed underneath the “foreign address” heading. MetaTrader uses port 443 for communication so next to the IP you will see “:443″. The IP address with the “443″ port listed there is the IP address of your broker’s MetaTrader server.

What port does MT4 use?

The situation is dramatized by the fact that MetaTrader 4 uses standard port 443 (HTTPS, SSL), through which it exchange enciphered data via its protocol.

Where is XM server located?

The XM VPS allows you to remotely connect to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) located just 1.5 km away from our data centre in London, with optical fiber connectivity.

How do I check my ping on MT4?

0:411:55Then click on run. Next type CMD then click OK this will bring up a command prompt. We will test theMoreThen click on run. Next type CMD then click OK this will bring up a command prompt. We will test the latency to pepper stone servers in this video to do this we will type ping.

How do I rescan my MT4 server?

Left-click on the “No connection” message in the bottom right corner of the terminal and choose “Rescan servers”. If rescanning didn’t help, re-login to your account in the terminal’s main menu.

What is a proxy server do?

A proxy server is a system or router that provides a gateway between users and the internet. Therefore, it helps prevent cyber attackers from entering a private network. It is a server, referred to as an “intermediary” because it goes between end-users and the web pages they visit online.

How do I add a MultiTerminal server?

Download MT4 MultiTerminal Click Cancel when asked to open a new account. Open Tools > Options and select the server assigned to your trading account from the Server dropdown menu; follow the link to find out which server your trading account is assigned to. Click OK once done.

What is MT4 Multi Terminal?

MetaTrader 4 MultiTerminal is a new component of MetaTrader 4 Online Trading Platform. The MultiTerminal is intended for simultaneous management of multiple accounts, for which is mostly helpful for those whom manage investors’ accounts and for traders working with many accounts simultaneously.

Why is my MetaTrader 4 not working?

Take a look at the bottom right of the platform. If you see a message such as ‘invalid account’ or ‘no connection’, check your login details and try to log in again. Remember to use your MT4 details, not your normal IG details – you’ll have a five or six-digit account number for MT4.

What time does Forex trade?

FOREX.com’s trading hours are from Sunday at 5pm New York time through Friday at 5pm New York time . Orders (e.g. stops, limits, and contingent orders) left pending over a weekend or holiday period will not be executed until FOREX.com resumes regular trading hours.

How to get rate alerts on MetaQuotes?

To do this, you must download one of the MT4 mobile apps to your iPhone, Android or Windows phone. Once downloaded, open the app, log in, and go to Settings > Messages. The first message labelled “Hi” contains your MetaQuotes ID.

How long are GTC orders valid?

Good ‘til cancelled (GTC) orders are valid until the order is executed or cancelled. Alternatively, you can specify the exact expiration time of your order.

Can I download MetaTrader 4 on my Mac?

Yes, you can download a version of the MetaTrader 4 platform for Mac users here. Please remove any previous versions of the MetaTrader software from your PC prior to installation in order to ensure proper function of the platform.

Is FOREX a third party platform?

This is because MetaTrader is a third-party platform. The FOREX.com mobile app is designed to be a companion app to your MetaTrader account, where you can access your account and various features of the FOREX.com mobile app, including funding, withdrawals, news and analysis.

What is MetaTrader 5?

With improved charting, exclusive indicators and the ability to trade stocks, indices, forex and commodities on one platform, MetaTrader 5 offers you next generation trading and tools.

How to access MT4?

Access the MT4 trading platform through your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows smartphone and Pocket PC. Connect on the move and you’ll get all the benefits of trading through MT4 with FOREX.com while on your mobile.

What is an EA in trading?

Expert Advisors (EAs) are programs that can be used to automate your trading. For MT4, they can be written using the MQL4 language or purchased from a third party. Remember that EAs run locally on your computer and will not execute strategies when disconnected from the server.

What is a proxy server in MT4?

A proxy server in the MT4 platform represents an intermediate server between the trader’s computer and the trading server. Proxy Metatrader servers act as a firewall and web filter, provide shared network connections between traders and trading platforms, and cache data to speed up common requests.

MetaTrader Account and Login

There should be an account for the client terminal to connect to a MetaTrader 4 DDE server and work efficiently. Out of the login details, the account number, master and investor passwords, the account number, and one of the passwords are needed to be authorized as a client terminal.

Data Export Via DDE Protocol

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) protocol can be used for exporting trading quotes through the terminal to other applications. For enabling the export of quotes, you must enable the “Enable DDE Server” followed by clicking on the “OK” button. Once this process is done, the export of data will commence immediately.


The terminal permits the inflow of financial news quickly which starts incoming right after the connection to the server is established. However, no news incoming would take place while the terminal is disconnected.

Which is the best broker for MetaTrader 4?

Pepperstone is the best MetaTrader 4 broker for both current and CFD trading. This was based on their low average spreads, execution speeds and award-winning customer service. The broker is also regulated with ‘tier 1’ regulators including the FCA and ASIC.

What is MT4 trading?

The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading software focuses on providing sophisticated currency management tools combined with enhanced charting functionality and trading signals. Combined, these allow for forex trading that is quick and efficient, helping to control an individual’s positions and develop trading strategies.

How many base currencies does OANDA have?

OANDA allows clients to establish an account with one of nine base currencies. Although traders are initially required to set up an account with one base currency, sub accounts can be opened in different currencies to avoid currency conversion fees. Axi on the other hand offer 11 base currencies, with customers able to deposit and withdraw funds in EUR, JPY, USD, PLN, GBP, AUD, CAD, HKD, SGD, NZD or CHF.

How much does FXCM charge?

While most brokers charge $7.00 per lot round trip, FXCM charges $6.00 per lot. If you are a high volume trader, then commission fees can be as low as $3.60 round trip.

How many awards does FXPro have?

FxPro won over 70 industry awards for the quality of its online trading services and product offerings. FxPro gained industry recognition in a highly competitive environment recognizing lifetime achievements. Among the most prestigious titles won by FxPro, we can name:

Which forex broker has the lowest fees?

Pepperstone has the lowest fees of any forex broker with the MT4 platform. Regulated in Australia (ASIC), the United Kingdom (FCA), Europe (CySEC), Germany/Austria (BaFin), Kenya (CMA), Dubai (DFSA) and Bahamas (SCB). The broker has also won multiple awards for client satisfaction with fast execution speed and superior customer service. Since 2020, the broker also offers Spread Betting that can have tax benefits over trading CFDs.

What is IG trading academy?

IG trading academy is, hands-down, one of the best free online trading courses that our team of experts has researched. IG goes above and beyond the typical educational service offered by most forex brokers. At IG, beginner traders can learn how to trade from the ground up with:


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