Where to get forex data over time stack exchange


Realtime rates for about 40 currency pairs are available here: http://1forge.com/forex-data-api, eg: https://1forge.com/forex-quotes/quotes They also have free downloadable tick-data, going back to 2007, but you need to create a demo account and use a COM based Windows API called Order2Go to retrieve it.


Where can I find historical Forex data?

Olsen Data / Olsen Financial Technologies: Historical FX data can be ordered online in custom format. Download link sent in 2 business days. Real time data service. Expensive but very high quality. I’m only aware about 3 free data sources of which 1 is still working in June 2018: – GAIN Capital. It contains infomation about FX rates only

Where can I find real-time trading data?

The only real-time trading data comes directly from the brokers or exchanges. To get access you need to be a licensed trader with them, and usually the live data in machine readable formats costs even more. Here’s more details.

Is there a free API for trading Forex data?

There is a free API service called Alpha Vantage that provides “free APIs for realtime and historical data on stocks, forex (FX), and digital/crypto currencies.” However, there are some usage limits to the service, you can only 5 API requests per minute and 500 requests per day.

Where can I find 1 minute data for stock options?

CBOE Datashop: Somewhat pricey, but you can get 1 minute data for every strike and every expiration. Probably more than you need. Show activity on this post. You can get minutely as-traded prices for all US securities on Quantopian, for free.


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