What is a good book about forex trading


Currency Trading for Dummies by Brian Dolan

Currency Trading for Dummies is one of the best of the lot for beginners. It presents clear, easy-to-read instructions on currency trading and descriptions of the forex market. In fact, it’s not a bad read for more seasoned hands who need a quick refresher on the basics.


How to become a successful forex trader?

How to Become a Successful Forex Trader

  • Understand the Role Psychology Plays. Forex trading is distinctly not gambling; it’s not about chance or luck. …
  • Don’t Overlook Education. You’ve probably heard that Bill Gates reads over fifty books a year and that Warren Buffet reads 500-pages a day.
  • Have a Clear Trading Plan. …
  • Trial and Error. …
  • Find the Right Tools for the Job. …

How to trade Forex for beginners?

  • Forex trading is a huge market, and therefore there are a lot of things to learn
  • Brokers are easily found, but should be regulated
  • Researching a strategy is crucial

What are the Best Forex trading courses?

Best For Fully Comprehensive Learning Experience. With thousands of 5-star reviews, Forex Signals is one of the most reputable courses to learn forex trading. While the costs are more than some of the other options on the list, members get access to a Trading Room, where mentors help you understand the market.

What is the most profitable forex trading strategy?

What is the most profitable forex strategy?

  • Profitability – Profitable Forex Trading Strategies. So, we know that we just said that there is no Holy Grail in Forex trading. …
  • Simple is the Way to Go – profitable strategy forex. The best forex strategy for consistent profits, for any trader, will be a simple profitable forex strategy.
  • Scalping. …
  • Day Trading. …
  • Swing Trading. …
  • Choose Your Battle Axe. …

What’s the best way to learn about forex trading?

Trading Forex for beginners summarizedLearning the basics (currency pairs)Learn the software (MT4, MT5)Learn with demo accounts.Find a reliable service provider.Use the service provider’s resources such as tools and guides.Try out the support services of the provider.Learn about strategies and try them all out.More items…•

Can I teach myself forex trading?

Yes, you can learn to trade by yourself, without a course, if you are patient and understand that it will take a lot of time! Trading is a competitive industry, and to succeed you will have to pave the path for your own success.

Can you get rich off forex trading?

Forex trading may make you rich if you are a hedge fund with deep pockets or an unusually skilled currency trader. But for the average retail trader, rather than being an easy road to riches, forex trading can be a rocky highway to enormous losses and potential penury.

What is the most profitable forex to trade?

EUR/USD. EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair on the market, with EUR/USD transactions making up 24.0% of daily forex trades in 2019. The popularity of the EUR/USD pair comes from the fact that it is representative of the world’s two biggest economies: the European single market and the US.

Who is the best forex teacher on YouTube?

3 Best Forex Trader YouTube ChannelsNo Nonsense Forex. 276K subscribers. Trading Forex For Beginners – The No Nonsense Forex Way. Info. Shopping. … Rayner Teo. 1.55M subscribers. The Ultimate Candlestick Patterns Trading Course (For Beginners) Info. Shopping. … Trading 212. 867K subscribers. The Stochastic Oscillator Explained. Info.

How long does it take to learn forex?

With some hard work and dedication, it should take you 12 months to learn how to trade Forex / trade other markets – it’s no coincidence our mentoring program lasts 12 months! You will always be learning with the trading and must always be ready to adapt and change, but that’s part of the thrill and challenge.

Are there forex millionaires?

Yes – forex trading can make you a millionaire. However, to earn top profits, you’ll need an effective strategy, excellent risk management tools, and one of the best online brokers.

How much money do day traders with $10000 Accounts make per day on average?

Day traders get a wide variety of results that largely depend on the amount of capital they can risk, and their skill at managing that money. If you have a trading account of $10,000, a good day might bring in a five percent gain, or $500.

How much do forex traders make a day?

Even so, with a decent win rate and risk/reward ratio, a dedicated forex day trader with a decent strategy can make between 5% and 15% per month, thanks to leverage. Remember, you don’t need much capital to get started; $500 to $1,000 is usually enough.

What is the best currency to trade for beginners?

EUR/USD is not just the easiest, but also the most stable currency pair to trade. It is the best choice not only among beginners but also for professional traders. This is one of the most traded currency pairs due to tight spreads and liquidity.

What is the safest currency pair to trade?

List of Top 10 Stable Currency PairsEUR/USD. The EUR/USD currency pair takes the largest portion of the overall trading volume. … GBP/USD. GBP/USD is another heavily traded currency pair. … USD/JPY. USD/JPY is the second most traded currency pair. … USD/CAD. … AUD/USD. … USD/CNY. … USD/CHF. … GBP/JPY.More items…•

Which currency pair is most profitable in forex 2021?

Here’s a look at six of the most tradable currency pairs in forex.EUR/USD. YinYang/Getty Images. … USD/JPY: Trading the “Gopher” The next most actively traded pair has traditionally been the USD/JPY. … GBP/USD: Trading the “Cable” … AUD/USD: Trading the “Aussie” … USD/CAD: Trading the “Loonie” … USD/CNY: Trading the Yuan.

When did the Rosenberg book come out?

All of that knowledge is delivered perfectly in this book, which is an absolute must if you want to get serious about trading Forex. The book came out in 1995, but it is testament to Rosenberg’s expertise that is consistently referred to by analysts and Forex professionals today.

Why did Mark Douglas write the book?

Mark Douglas wrote this book to help traders master their own issues around nerves and confidence. It is arguably one of the first effective trading psychology texts ever written, and definitely one of the best currency trading books. Smart and focused, the book takes you on a huge journey.

Is trading forex hard?

Trading Forex is more than hard, it’s a daily challenge. Having the right approach from the outset counts for a lot. Courtney Smith is an excellent guide along that path. He outlines a superb and simple beginner strategy, one which brings instant confidence to the reader.

What is the book “The Basics of Forex Trading” about?

The author is a self-taught forex trader who became intrigued by currency exchange and its profits at a private gathering for stock traders. The text stands out for Brown’s clear, concise language that, without being condescending, never takes the reader’s knowledge for granted. Some of the basics covered are:

When was the Forex book published?

It’s regularly used as a resource by the financial media. Originally published in 2011, the updated book was co-written by Brian Dolan, former chief currency strategist at Forex.com, and Kathleen Brooks, director of research at Forex.com.

Is Currency Trading for Dummies good?

Currency Trading for Dummies is one of the best of the lot for beginners. It presents clear, easy-to-read instructions on currency trading and descriptions of the forex market. In fact, it’s not a bad read for more seasoned hands who need a quick refresher on the basics. It’s regularly used as a resource by the financial media.

What is forex trading for dummies?

Currency Trading For Dummies breaks down the fundamentals of forex trading in their world-renowned way.#N#You can expect to pick up the basics here and is a great starting point. Yet the information contained here is pre-understanding strategies, methodologies, and concepts of trading the forex market with your money.#N#In other words:#N#This is the theory test, before the practical driving test.#N#The language used is down to earth and easy to process, whilst making it light humour to learn the process of trading forex.#N#Overall, this book is perfect for those who want an introduction to the forex market.

What is turtle trading?

At some point during your learnings of forex trading, you will come across the term Turtle Trader/Trading.#N#This was a case study of how anyone, when taught the right system, can become successful forex traders and profit from the forex market.# N#The strategy is enjoyable to learn about through the book and has been proven to work.#N#This book is a bit of a lighter read than the others and is very focused on the strategy and the story behind it.#N#It doesn’t really explain all the forex trading indicators but focuses primarily on the trend trading turtle system only.

What is forex psychology?

Forex trading psychology. Overcome trading fears. Discipline is an essential part of forex trading that can sometimes be overlooked – especially by beginner traders. Many professional traders have discussed the importance of controlling your emotions when you’re trading, and Mark Douglas is no exception.

What is Anna’s book about?

Anna has written a range of different trading books on various topics, including: general forex trading, volume price analysis, and stock market trading. Anna has previously described her book as being like a ‘primer’ (or introduction) to the forex trading world.

What is the best forex broker?

The best forex broker for most people is definitely FOREX.com or IG. The forex market is based on a simple principle: trading currency to do global business. However, trading isn’t simple and is affected by anything from gross domestic product and inflation to interest rates and trade deficits.

What is forex.com?

FOREX.com, registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), lets you trade a wide range of forex markets plus spot metals with low pricing and fast, quality execution on every trade.

How to make a living trading foreign exchange?

“How to Make a Living Trading Foreign Exchange: A Guaranteed Income for Life” is part of the Wiley Trading series, published in 2010. The author, Courtney Smith, chairs the Investment Mentoring Institute, devoted to investor education.

When was Adventures of a Currency Trader published?

“ Adventures of a Currency Trader ” is also a Wiley publication from 2007. This unique book is by Rob Booker, a favorite Houston-based trader who hosts live Facebook events and free webinars for traders.

Is CedarFX Eco friendly?

Billing itself as the world’s 1st eco-friendly broker, CedarFX makes it easy to trade and give back to the planet. You can choose a 0% Commission Account or an Eco Account — or open multiple accounts to meet all your needs.

Is eToro trading in the US?

Though Australian and British traders might know eToro for its easy stock and mobile trading, the broker is now expanding into the United States with cryptocurrency trading. U.S. traders can begin buying and selling both major cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) as well as smaller names (like Tron Coin and Stellar Lumens).

Forex for Dummies

This is one of the earliest and most simple books on forex written by Katheleen Brooks and Brian Dolan. Though the color and the name of the book are likely to remind the readers about the large set of dummies books, this one is quite different and very comprehensive as well and is definitely among the good forex trading books.

50 Pips a Day Forex Strategy

This is a lightweight book that explains strategies and ways on how beginners can trade and make 50 pips a day. If you are able to achieve this as a trader, it is more than enough for you to make a very good living.

Investment Psychology Explained: Classic Strategies to Beat the Markets

This book is written by Martin Pring and is considered as one of the best forex trading books.

Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns

This book has been authored by Thomas N. Bulkowski and is considered one of the most comprehensive books on chart patterns. It is a must-read for anyone who is into trading through technical analysis as it deals with hundreds of chart patterns and also explains each one of them in a thorough manner.

day trading and swing trading the currency market by Kathy lien

This book has been written by one of the most famous forex analysts who appears on various TV shows discussing the currency markets and now the trader would be able to read about her thoughts and strategies in this book.

The Black Book of Forex Trading

This book has been authored by Paul Langer and is considered a good book that can be used for reference in the long term once you are through the beginner’s stage. As the name suggests, this book can be used to refer whenever you are not sure of some concepts in trading or forex or when you are stuck with the development of your strategy.

forex for ambitious beginners: a guide to successful currency trading

This book has been written by Jelle Peters and is suitable for beginners.

What is the Bible about trading?

This book is also a bible for traders because it talks about the difference between gambling and trading, and what it is to win and lose in trading, and how you can realize your own character by taking notes on each trade. This is a great book for psychology, but the contents are very practical that you can apply and practice from today.

Why is the book “The Market” important?

This book is for both experts and beginners because the book digs into some of the fundamental pieces that are necessary to know, such as why the market moves, characteristic of volatility on each currency, and trade strategies based on major fundamental and technical analysis. With Kathy’s knowledge and actual trade experience as a chief strategist, the book is filled with in-depth insight and expert advise.

What is the book “The Frustration of Money” about?

This book is for those who are still struggling with rules and discipline, like if you are struggling with your emotion when you lose money or trying to win back , this books helps you not only how to manage the frustration, but also helps you to find your own answer.

What makes this book special?

What makes this book special is this book contains interviews of 17 traders who are the top traders across various financial markets. The book is basically written by Q and A sessions with each trader. And as you read through, you can compare the strategy, motivation, and mindset of those different top traders that teaches a lot about forex trading itself, you know, like how they see the market differently, or what kind of trade style they use, what each trader thinks the necessary skill is, how they handle the stress and depression during trading, things like that. And their words are very much detailed and precise, and very practical. So if you are already trading I highly recommend this book to refer to the top trader ’ s opinions.

Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms by Jim Brown

As the title suggests, this book is geared toward teaching the fundamentals to amateurs. The author, a self-taught forex trader, became interested in currency exchange and its earnings. Brown’s straightforward, succinct language jumps out in the book, which never assumes the reader’s understanding without being condescending.

Currency Trading For Dummies by Kathleen Brooks

This is a user-friendly explanation that explains how a FOREX market works and how one might profit from it.

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison

Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques by Steve Nison is credited with bringing this flexible technical analysis technique to the Western world, which is now frequently employed by forex traders.

What do you get from a book?

What you get from any given book is a personal thing, it depends on your perceptions, beliefs and needs . Most of the books that will get mentioned are worth a read, even the poor ones have value in that they illustrate what not to do. Read widely, assimilate the information, develop your own views, distill out a trading plan …

Is the edge with the trader?

Basic point being, the edge lies with the trader, not the method. There is circumstantial evidence to support this idea in that you can give the same trading plan to an experienced skilled trader and a novice and, funnily enough, it’s the skilled trader who tends to make rather more money with it.


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