What forex broker does matching bonus


Pax Forex is a highly popular online forex brokerage house and one of the most reputable trading institutions in the United States. It also runs an attractive loyalty deposit bonus program where they match their member’s deposits – 100% – for amounts above $1,200.Jan 6, 2022


Which broker offers a bonus?

Best Brokers with Welcome Bonus#BrokerBonus amount1RoboForex100% for first Deposit2AvaTrade20% to first deposit from $10003XM GROUP100% up to $50004Libertex100% for first Deposit1 more row

Do Brokers give bonuses?

Can Brokers Give Bonuses? Brokers can give bonuses to their clients, but it’s rare. The bonus structure is used to entice new accounts. Once the broker has your money, they may only issue an incentive if you were to tell them you are switching brokerages.

Does Oanda have bonuses?

Open and fund your OANDA account and get a welcome bonus up to US$1,000. If you already have a live account, just log in and deposit funds to get your welcome bonus*.

Does FXTM have bonus?

The Bonus is calculated as 30.00 USD that a Client gets as a Credit on Client`s trading account. A Client shall not be entitled to participate in more than one FXTM Promotions at the same time.

Can I withdraw my bonus from OctaFX?

No, we do not. A requote occurs when the dealer on the other side of the trade sets an execution delay during which the price changes. As a non-dealing desk broker OctaFX simply offsets all orders with the liquidity providers to be executed at their end.

Should I take Videforex bonus?

7. Bonuses are optional and client is not required to take a bonus. During initial deposit, client may send a request to support@Videforex.com to accept no bonus and therefore is exempt to any conditions pertaining to bonuses, however the rest of the terms in this Agreement still apply.

Does Hotforex have no deposit bonus?

Register today and instantly receive $30 trading money for FREE straight into your account! $30 No Deposit Bonus is a great opportunity for clients who have not proceeded with their first deposit yet to enter the largest and most liquid market in the world!

Does Oanda have a referral program?

Referral Rewards In exchange you will receive a prepaid credit card to the value of $100.00 for each client you refer. Please ensure that you tell the person referred to inform us that you are the referrer. Referral rewards are paid only to referrers when the client retains our full representation services.

Does Avatrade give bonus?

Yes, Avatrade does offer a sign-up bonus, A minimum of 200 USD/3098,52 ZAR has to be deposited to earn a Deposit bonus of 40 USD/620 ZAR.

Does Exness have no deposit bonus?

Exness does not offer any additional deposit bonuses or the benefit of a no-deposit bonus, which would exempt traders from having to pay a minimum deposit before they can start trading.

Does FXCM have no deposit bonus?

Trading with FXCM has many benefits. Now, you also get from us a welcome bonus of $25 when opening your trading account, so you can start your trading experience on a high note! All you need to do is open an FXCM account and fund it with $50 or more. We will do the rest.

Are there many types of forex bonuses?

There are. New traders will generally encounter welcome forex bonuses and no deposit forex bonuses. There are also rebate forex bonuses that will a…

Does a forex bonus really offer free trading money?

It certainly does. You will have to use that money to trade, and by accepting it you will have some restrictions on your trading account, but you w…

Are there restrictions on who can get a bonus from their forex account? Expand answer

Some forex brokers may be bound by trading laws to not offer promotions and bonuses to traders in certain countries. If you are not finding a forex…

Should I accept a forex bonus or trade without one?

It depends. If you are looking for some extra cash and intend to do a fair bit of trading a forex welcome deposit bonus is a good choice. If you ju…

What is a no deposit forex bonus?

As the name suggests, a no deposit forex bonus allows you to claim a bonus without depositing any funds. Instead, you merely need to open an accoun…

What is a matched deposit forex bonus?

Unlike a no deposit bonus, a matched deposit bonus will require you to make a deposit. The bonus amount will be based on a percentage of the amount…

How do I withdraw a forex bonus?

You will not be able to withdraw a forex bonus until you meet the minimum trade requirements found in the terms and conditions. This averages aroun…

How do I meet the minimum trade requirements on a forex bonus?

Every time you open and close a forex position, the size of the trade will be reduced from your target. For example, if the trade size is £5,000 wh…

Should I use leverage when targetting a forex bonus?

On the one hand, applying leverage will amplify the size of your forex trade and thus – increase the amount that you are able to wipe from your bon…

Can I use my forex bonus on any currency pair?

In most cases, forex brokers allow you to use your bonus funds on any currency pair. However, some brokers might restrict you to just majors and mi…

Do I need to verify my identity to get a forex bonus?

If claiming a no deposit bonus, you will need to verify your identity before the bonus funds are credited. This is to prevent bonus abuse.

How we find the best forex brokers with bonus

Searching for a forex bonus is a time-consuming activity. Not only are there hundreds of forex brokers around but there’s also a wide range of different forex bonuses to choose from.

What types of forex bonus can you get?

There are many forex bonuses that brokers offer. They vary from forex welcome bonuses to the ever-popular forex no deposit bonus. Add in rebate bonuses, forex trading contests, forecast bonuses and draw bonuses and the choice can get bewildering.
However, help is at hand.

How do you claim a forex welcome bonus?

The steps you will go through to claim a welcome will vary from broker to broker, although the main actions always remain the same. Below, we walk you through the major milestones, so you can easily get your hands on the best forex bonuses.

What about country restrictions and forex bonuses?

Not all forex bonus offers are available to everyone, unfortunately. Bonus offers may vary depending on where you’re trading from, due to the country’s legislation or regulatory body.

How to avoid forex bonus scams

Unfortunately, in the world of online forex trading, there is an abundance of untrustworthy forex brokers offering scam bonuses and promotions. Luckily, our experts have identified the key signs that a broker is trying to offer you a bad deal.

How much bonus do forex brokers give?

The forex broker permits a maximum bonus of £1,000, which is what you decide to deposit. Upon making your deposit, the broker then credits your account with an additional £1,000. Your starting balance is £2,000 – even though you only funded your account with £1,000.

What is forex bonus?

In its most basic form, a forex bonus is simply a promotion that brokers offer as a means to entice you to their platform. In most cases, the bonus will only be available to those of you that are yet to open an account with the platform in question.

What is deposit bonus?

A deposit bonus is the most popular bonus type offered by online forex brokers. As we briefly noted earlier, the broker will match your deposit by a certain percentage – and the bonus will have a maximum amount attached to it.

How long do you have to use forex bonus funds?

This means that any bonus funds left in your account after the expiry date will be removed. If the forex bonus comes with a time limit of fewer than 30 days, you should probably avoid it.

How much is the bonus on HYCM?

HYCM is a hugely popular onilne trading platform that offers all new customers a 10% deposit bonus. The bonus amount is capped at $5,000 – which means that you will need to deposit $50,000 to get the maximum. You will need to trade a whopping 30 standard lots to get $1,000 in bonus funds out of the broker, so do bare this in mind.

Does Plus 500 have a deposit bonus?

Major UK broker Plus 500 is also targetting the no deposit bonus space. By opening an account, you’ll be awarded a £20 bonus – with no deposit required. The platform itself is one of the most trusted forex and CFD brokers in the online trading space. Plus 500 holds multiple regulatory licenses and its parent company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Do forex bonuses have a minimum deposit?

Most forex bonuses will come with a minimum deposit amount. Promotions usually only state the maximum bonus amount permitted, so you’ll need to dig through the terms and conditions to find it.

Why do forex traders give bonuses?

Generally, forex traders consider bonuses as a means to potentially increase the account balance. At the same time, it is essential to understand that trading on forex bonuses is related not only to some advantages, but also to the risky aspects of the currency trading environment.

Will there be bonuses in forex in 2021?

Forex Brokers with Bonuses 2021. As the global forex market is ever-growing, it is also growing the amount of Forex Bonuses offered to the traders. Therefore, it becomes continuously more and more difficult to make the right choice of the broker to trade with. As a matter of fact, forex bonuses are indispensable in the trading platform …

Is forex bonus easy?

The subject of forex bonuses is not simple and easy, and it requires some in-depth knowledge to realize how bonuses are received and effectuated, and whether in this or that case it makes sense to apply for a forex bonus at all.


The Global Trading market encompasses various offers to attract new traders and beginners with no trading experience. The forex market is one such platform, which has gained popularity over recent years with offers like No-Deposit Bonus, Welcome Bonus that forex brokers present for new traders without using their real money.

What is a Forex Bonus?

A bonus acts as a marketing tool or cost-effective promotion, and the brokers offer to persuade beginners to make deposits. Many top forex brokers suggest this option as it allows for forex trading without risking their funds. This option is accessible to the consumers once they open a forex account or demo account in the chosen platform.

Forex Bonuses – Different Types

There are two types of forex deposit bonuses to choose from – a deposit bonus and a no deposit bonus.

How to Find the Best Forex Bonus?

The global foreign exchange market is vast and comprises different kinds of traders. Therefore, it offers many options for every type of trader. However, not every deal is beneficial since many platforms advertise no deposit bonus and manipulate the user funds.

The Best Forex Bonuses

There are many Forex brokers to choose from, and making the right selection is a challenging task. Several factors are considered, such as fast execution, competitive spreads, and the range of tradable assets. Hence, different types of options or bonuses are listed down to attract different types of traders.

Factors Considered

Before investing, one needs to consider several factors, such as how they gain benefits in the long-term, The level of accessibility, and the effective use of investments and bonuses to recover from inflation. Firstly, one needs to consider the extent to which they can use the bonus.


The deposit and non-deposit forex bonuses cater to different users’ needs, such as the beginner and experienced traders. The no-deposit bonus helps beginners to learn the strategies within the platform of intermediary operations.

What is forex bonus?

The Forex Bonus is Aimed at New or Minimal Capital Traders. Let’s continue with the point above. Usually, forex broker bonuses are aimed at new traders, or traders with small amounts of capital typically depositing $5,000 or less, often $1,000 or less. If you have a $1,000 account, even with leverage it’s going to take most traders …

Why can’t I take a forex bonus?

The main reason not to take a forex broker bonus is that it’ll likely lead to withdrawal issues. Let’s say you deposit $1000 into a forex account, and for this you get a $200 bonus (see Day Trading with $1000 or Less ). While this gives you $1200 in capital to trade with, you can’t withdraw that amount. In fact, while you may have $1200 in your …

How much money do you need to trade to get a forex bonus?

Typically, you need to trade $10,000 for each $1 of the bonus (read the fine print, bonus terms may vary). So in order for that $200 to become yours, you need to trade $2,000,000 worth of currency.

What happens if you retract your bonus?

If they can retract that bonus at any time, and you are trading based on the amount of capital in your account (your own capital plus the bonus), if the bonus is taken away by the broker, it could leave you in trades that are way too big for the capital left in the account (just your your capital now).

Can I withdraw $1200 from my forex account?

While this gives you $1200 in capital to trade with, you can’t withdraw that amount. In fact, while you may have $1200 in your account, if you go to withdraw $300 for emergency expenses, the forex broker won’t likely allow it. Why? Because now their money is mixed with yours.

Is a bonus worth it?

And when it comes right down to it, the bonus is usually so small (relative to potential trading gains or losses) that it really isn’t worth it. The bonus is worth the most to the small trader, yet it favors them the least since it could take years of trading before that bonus money becomes theirs.

Is a $10k bonus worth squatting?

Thinking about this tiny amount is likely to induce you to trade more often, taking poor quality trades. Therefore, not only is the bonus worth squat, it is likely to actually negatively affect your trading.


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