What are the biggest moving pairs in forex


The most volatile forex pairs 2021 based on variation are:

  • AUDJPY (average volatility of 1.12%)
  • AUDUSD (average volatility of 1.07%)
  • EURAUD (average volatility of 1.07%)
  • NZDJPY (average volatility of 1.05%)
  • GBPAUD (average volatility of 1.05%)
  • GBPNZD (average volatility of 1.05%)
What are the most liquid currency pairs?
  • EUR/USD is the most liquid forex pair and represents 20-30% of the forex market by trading volume. …
  • USD/JPY comes second with the Japanese Yen being one the most heavily traded currencies and a major safe-haven currency too.
Jul 29, 2021


What are the Best Forex pairs?

OANDA provides 38 forex pairs including major, minor and exotic pairs to trade … ATC Brokers operates as an agency model (ECN and STP models) and ranks as one of the best MT4 brokers in the US. ATC Brokers blends the benefits that come with ECN and …

What is the best currency pair?

What are the most predictable currency pairs?

  • AUD/USD – (Australian Dollar – US Dollar)
  • EUR/USD – (Euro – US Dollar)
  • GBP/USD – (Pound Sterling – US Dollar)
  • NZD/USD – (New Zealand Dollar – US Dollar)
  • USD/CHF – (US Dollar – Swiss Franc)

What are the top traded currency pairs?

Top currency pairs to trade

  • USD/JPY ​​. “The Gopher” is a combination of the US dollar and the Japanese yen. …
  • EUR/USD ​​. “The Fiber” is a combination of the Euro and the US dollar. …
  • GBP/USD ​. “The Cable” is a combination of the British pound sterling and the US dollar. …
  • EUR/GBP ​​. …
  • USD/CHF ​​. …

What is the least volatile currency pair?

What Are The Least Volatile Currency Pairs?

  • AUD/CAD. What Is The Maximum Of Forex Average Daily Range? I also studied these Forex pairs from a different angle.

What forex pairs move the most?

The most volatile major currency pairs are:AUD/JPY (Australian Dollar/Japanese Yen)NZD/JPY (New Zealand Dollar/Japanese Yen)AUD/USD (Australian Dollar/US Dollar)CAD/JPY (Canadian Dollar/Japanese Yen)AUD/GBP (Australian Dollar/Pound Sterling)

What forex pairs move fast?

The Most Volatile Currency PairsAUD/JPY (average volatility – 1.12%);AUD/USD (average volatility – 1.07%);EUR/AUD (average volatility – 1.07%);NZD/JPY (average volatility – 1.05%);GBP/AUD (average volatility – 1.05%);GBP/NZD (average volatility – 1.05%).

Which forex pair moves least?

Least Volatile Currency Pairs 2021 USD/JPY (US Dollar/Japanese Yen) GBP/USD (British Pound/US Dollar) USD/CHF (US Dollar/Swiss Franc)

Which forex pair gives the most Pips?

The EUR/USD and GBP/USD exhibit the best ratio from the pairs analyzed above. The USD/JPY also ranks high among the pairs examined. Even though the GBP/USD and EUR/JPY have a four-pip spread, they outrank the USD/CAD, which has an average of a two-pip spread.

Which currency pair is most profitable?

EUR/USD. EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair on the market, with EUR/USD transactions making up 24.0% of daily forex trades in 2019. The popularity of the EUR/USD pair comes from the fact that it is representative of the world’s two biggest economies: the European single market and the US.

What is the easiest currency pair to trade?

What is the Easiest Currency Pair to Trade? EUR/USD is not just the easiest, but also the most stable currency pair to trade. It is the best choice not only among beginners but also for professional traders. This is one of the most traded currency pairs due to tight spreads and liquidity.

Which currency pair is most profitable in forex 2022?

The Best Forex Major Currency PairsEUR/USD: The Euro and US dollar. … USD/JPY: The US dollar and Japanese Yen. … GBP/USD: The British pound sterling and US dollar. … USD/CHF: The US dollar and Swiss Franc. … AUD/CAD: The Australian dollar and Canadian dollar. … NZD/USD: The New Zealand dollar and US dollar.More items…

Which currency pair is most profitable in forex 2021?

Here’s a look at six of the most tradable currency pairs in forex.EUR/USD. YinYang/Getty Images. … USD/JPY: Trading the “Gopher” The next most actively traded pair has traditionally been the USD/JPY. … GBP/USD: Trading the “Cable” … AUD/USD: Trading the “Aussie” … USD/CAD: Trading the “Loonie” … USD/CNY: Trading the Yuan.

What is the most widely traded currency pair?

The most widely traded pair of currency include Euro, Japanese Yen or British Pound. 3. Exotic Currency Pair. Exotic currency pair consists of a strong currency but smaller economy from a global perspective, the pair includes currency from major currency and from a developing economy currency.

What should a forex trader focus on?

A forex trader should focus on the forex currency pair which has potential of trading opportunities. It is better to choose a least volatile currency pair instead of high volatile currency pair. Measuring volatility of your currency pair is very crucial; it lets you know the market condition.

Why do forex traders need to take care of changes in the currency in which they are trading?

A forex trader must take care of changes in the currency in which he is trading and other positive and negative correlated pairs because it helps in risk management. Correlated currency pairs, no matter it is positively correlated or negatively correlated, give him an idea of in which direction he should trade and which direction to avoid trading.

What is a minor currency pair?

Minor or cross currency pairs are those which does not contain the United State’s Dollar, which is the world’s leading reserve currency. Earlier, if wanted to convert any currency, first we have to convert that currency into US Dollars.

Is a currency pair correlated?

No single currency pair trades completely independent of other pairs. In the currency market, some currency pairs are highly correlated and some currency pairs are comparably low correlated. Correlation of currency pairs is further classified into two main correlations: Positive correlation and Negative correlation.


The currency pairs correlation table is a list of currencies and how they are related in terms of their strength, weakness, similarities, and differences. The relationship between these currencies is important as what happens in one currency pair can affect the other in the opposite or the same direction.


The currency correlation strategy is going bull or short on a currency pair based on the market direction of another currency pair. For example below is an image showing side by side currency correlation of AUD/JPY and EUR/JPY. This strategy can only be applied for currency pairs that move in the same direction.


There are currency pairs that move in opposite direction, this means that when one pair is bullish the other is bearish.


One thing exotic currency pair brings to mind is volatility. Exotic currency pairs are volatile because countries that are pairs together have a much stronger economic strength when compared; that is the weaker country has a less diversified economy than the much stable ones. For example USD/ZAR and USD/MXN.


GBPJPY is a volatile pair and usually comes with a high spread; there are other forex cross pairs that share its volatility similarities. These pairs are


The currency pairs that move the most can be subject to change based on their demand and supply at the time.

Which currency pairs are actively traded?

So, the British pound, the Japanese yen, the Swiss franc, the Australian, and the Canadian dollars will make up the most actively traded currency pairs together with the US dollar and the Euro.

What time is the best time to trade forex?

The most active trading hours in the Forex market are 7:00-16:00 (UTC). You can expect to achieve the goals within this period. While the lowest level of currency pairs movement is from 3:00 to 7:00 (UTC). The peak of currency pairs’ activity is observed when the London and the New York trading sessions overlap.

What is the most traded currency in 2021?

The Most Traded Currency Pairs in Forex (2021 Edition) More than 50% of trades in Forex market somehow involve the US dollar. In fact, EURUSD is the most traded currency pair in the world that takes about 30% of the total multi-billion dollar Forex turnover. And it is not surprising, since the economies of the US and the European Union are …

Why do traders prefer EURUSD?

Traders prefer such currency pairs because their liquidity and thereby trading conditions are better than that of other pairs. Probably, everyone would keep trading EURUSD only, if there was no need for diversification. That is why traders also use other currency pairs.

Why are currency pairs so liquidity?

Since more people are interested in an asset, the easier it is to buy and to sell. High currency pair liquidity, in turn, enables trades with lower commission costs. The traders call them the trading conditions.

How does currency popularity affect informational visibility?

In addition to the trading conditions, the popularity of a currency pair also affects its informational visibility: All sorts of analytics and expert opinions; Trading forecasts and signals are preferably published for the most popular pairs; Regular coverage of events in the news media and reviews;

What currency pairs were traded before the Euro?

Interestingly, USD/DEM was the most widely traded currency pair before the Euro was introduced. The Deutsche Mark was the second-largest reserve currency in the world at the time, which attracted traders’ interest.

Which currency pairs have the highest volatility?

AUD/USD turned out to be the least volatile currency pair. As for the cross rates, GBP/NZD, GBP/AUD, GBP/CAD, and GBP/JPY are the pairs with the highest volatility. All of them move on average for more than 100 points per day.

Why are exotic currency pairs so volatile?

According to that rule, we can conclude that exotic currency pairs are the most volatile ones in the Forex market because their liquidity is often lower than that of major pairs. Volatility often occurs during major economic data releases as well, …

Which currency pairs are the most volatile?

The most volatile major currency pairs are: Other major currency pairs, like EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD and USD/CHF, are generally more liquid and less volatile as a result. That said, emerging market currency pairs, such as USD/ZAR, USD/TRY and USD/MXN, can clock some of the highest volatility readings.

What is the least volatile currency pair?

What about the least volatile currency pairs? The least volatile currency pairs tend to be the major currency pairs which are also the most liquid. Also, these economies tend to be larger and more developed. This attracts more trading volume and facilitates greater price stability in turn.

How to determine the correct position size?

To determine the correct position size, traders need to have an expectation of how volatile a currency can be. A variety of indicators can be used to measure volatility like: 1 Average true range (ATR). 2 Donchian channels. 3 Moving averages (by comparing the moving average to the current price).

How do FX markets affect volatility?

FX markets are susceptible to a range of factors which affect their volatility, and many traders look to tailor their strategies to capitalize on the most volatile currency pairs. Currency volatility, often measured by calculating the standard deviation or variance of currency price movements, gives traders an idea of how much a currency might move …

What are the things that traders should know about volatility?

Key things traders should know about volatility: Big news events like Brexit or trade wars can have a major impact on a currency’s volatility. Data releases can also influence volatility. Traders can stay ahead of data releases by using an economic calendar.

Do Swiss Franc and US Dollar strengthen?

The US Dollar and Swiss Franc tend to strengthen against their sentiment-linked peers when the market experiences episodes of risk aversion, but the two currencies may not deviate much from each other. This contributes to relatively low volatility readings for USD/CHF. Recommended by Rich Dvorak.

Should forex traders take into account current readings of volatility?

Forex traders should take into account current readings of volatility and potential changes in volatility when trading. Market participants should also consider adjusting their position sizes with respect to how volatile a currency pair is. Trading a volatile currency pair might warrant a reduced position size.

Is GBP/USD a positive or negative pair?

GBP/USD: Trading the “Cable”. The GBP/USD pair tends to have a negative correlation with the USD/CHF and a positive correlation to the EUR/USD. This is due to the positive correlation between the British pound, the Swiss franc, and the euro.

Is EUR/USD correlated with USD/CHF?

The EUR/USD currency pair tends to have a negative correlation with USD/CHF and a positive correlation with the GBP/USD. This is due to the positive correlation of, respectively, the euro, the British pound , and the Swiss franc .

Is the AUD/USD pair negative?

The AUD/USD currency pair tends to have a negative correlation with the USD/CAD, USD/CHF, and USD/JPY pairs due to the U.S. dollar being the quote currency in these cases . The correlation with the USD/CAD is also due to the fact that both the Canadian and Australian dollars share a positive correlation with each another as both are commodity block currencies.

Is CHF a negative currency?

The USD/CHF currency pair tends to have a negative correlation with the EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs. This is due to the strong positive correlation between the Swiss franc, the British pound, and the euro. The franc has long been thought of as a safe haven for forex traders in times of political unrest.

What is the most popular forex pair?

Most popular forex pairs for beginners. The United States dollar (USD) is the most commonly traded currency in the world, and therefore most major forex pairs include the USD as the base or quote currency. When combined with other currencies from some of the world’s biggest economies, including China, Japan and the United Kingdom, …

Why are major forex pairs so attractive?

Major forex pairs are particularly attractive to traders as they signify the most prosperous and stable economies across the globe, and traders are able to take advantage of their low spreads that accurately represent market value. Major forex pairs are often the most traded currencies amongst beginners.

Why do forex traders prefer to trade on currency pairs?

In some cases, forex traders prefer to trade on currency pairs with a lower or tighter spread as it reduces the overall costs involved in the trade. However, some traders prefer to trade on volatile currency pairs with wider spreads and lower liquidity in an attempt to profit from the fluctuating gaps in price.

What is a currency pair?

Currency pairs ​​ measure the value of one currency against another. They are split into a base currency and a secondary quote currency. An example is perhaps the most popularly traded currency pair in the world, the EUR/USD, where its price represents how much of the quote currency, the US dollar, is required to buy one unit of the base currency, …

What is the largest and most liquid market in the world?

The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid market in the world. It offers exchanges between any two nation’s currencies and includes major, minor and exotic currencies. The result is a market that offers hundreds of possible currency pairs to trade.

What is the fiber currency?

EUR/USD ​​. “The Fiber” is a combination of the Euro and the US dollar. This is generally considered the most traded currency pair as it stems from two of the world’s largest and most reputable economies. Similar to the USD/JPY, this currency pair is associated with very low spreads, high liquidity and the ability to place large volumes of trade. …

Is forex trading flexible?

This allows currency traders to open and close positions at any time throughout the day without the time restrictions that exist in other markets, therefore forex market hours ​​ are considered more flexible. Forex trading is available through spread betting or CFD trading ​​, both of which are leveraged products.


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