How to trade repeating pattern in forex


To trade these patterns, simply place an order above or below the formation (following the direction of the ongoing trend, of course). Then go for a target that’s at least the size of the chart pattern for wedgesand rectangles. For pennants, you can aim higher and target the height of the pennant’s mast.


What are forex patterns and how do they work?

Forex patterns are a great tool to forecast future price movements however, it’s important to use other forms of technical (Fibonacci retracement, pivot points, moving average, etc.) and fundamental analysis (USD economic calendar) alongside forex chart patterns to increase the probability of your trading edge.

Are forex charts patterns reliable?

While there are a variety of forex patterns, only a handful of them have a statistical edge and are reliable. The most commonly used forex chart patterns can help us know when is the right time to buy and sell. If this sounds interesting, you must learn the art of price action trading.

How to draw a rectangle pattern in trading?

To draw a rectangle pattern, we only need two tops and two bottoms with the tops acting as a resistance level and the bottom acting as a support level. Forex chart patterns are great to identify potential entry and exit points, establish profit targets and stop losses which are the basic elements of a trading strategy.

Do you trade trends or patterns?

Most traders say that they want to trade trends, they overlook that at the core of those trends you will find patterns that are based on horizontal structures. On the left, the uptrend was over when the price entered the sideways range. The new downtrend only started when the price left the pattern.


What does it mean to be a successful trader?

However, in the end, being a successful trader means that you are able to identify recurring patterns and price movements and trade them in a way which provides a positive expectancy.

How many signals have you had in the last 3 weeks?

The last 3 trading weeks. Over the last 3 weeks, you would have had 7 signals where the pattern resulted in a profitable trade, 2 times when you could have gotten out for a slight profit or loss, 3 times when there was no signal and 2 sure loss.

What is forex chart?

The forex charts are a great tool used to identify the general direction of the market, support and resistance levels and where to enter and exit the market among other things. Essentially, by using historical price data, forex traders can predict future price movement. In technical analysis, there are 3 types of forex charts:

What is a reversal pattern?

A reversal pattern is a price action formation that marks the end of the prevailing trend and the start of a new trend. In trend analysis, we can recognise two types of reversal chart patterns:

What is the H&S pattern?

Head and Shoulders (H&S) are bearish reversal patterns that appear at the end of bullish trending markets. On a price chart, the Head and Shoulders price formation can be recognised by 3 successive peaks, where the middle peak is the highest point of this price formation followed by two outside peaks to the right (right shoulder) and left (left shoulder) of the middle peak. The outside two peaks are about the same height.

How are candlestick charts similar to line charts?

Candlestick charts are similar to line charts as they display the same price information (OHLC prices) but in a visually different way. Candlesticks charts display the price range between the opening and closing price with a rectangle.

What is continuation chart?

The continuation chart patterns are price action formations that usually appear in the middle of the trend, and as the name suggests, signals a pause in the trend before the prevailing trend resumes. On the price action chart, reversal patterns are recognised by a period of temporary consolidation of different durations.

How does double top entry work?

The double top entry is triggered once the valley (swing low) between the two tops is broken to the downside. The stop loss can be hidden above the two peaks respectively below the two valleys in the case of the double bottom.

Can I trade forex without a chart?

Forex trading without a chart can be a daunting task because the forex chart patterns allow seeing at first glance what the financial markets are doing and provide an effective way to time the market. In other words, trading without forex charting software and forex patterns are like a blind man trying to cross the road.

Why is pattern trading important?

Learning about pattern trading is a very important skill when it comes to technical analysis . The market spends the majority of its time going sideways and within those sideways phases, you’ll often be able to detect patterns. The best reward/risk ratio exists at the breakout area of those patterns and new trends emerge when a pattern is completed.

What is the best chart pattern?

The best patterns are based on horizontal structures. All classic chart patterns are horizontal structures. You need at least two touchpoints to define a horizontal structure. Always wait for the breakout. Most traders make things way too complicated because they believe that trading can’t be that easy.

Is Head and Shoulders a profitable pattern?

The Head and Shoulders is among the most profitable patterns in technical analysis, confirmed by many reports and reviews. And at the core of this pattern is a horizontal level as well. Although you will be able to find Head and Shoulders patterns that are made up of diagonal trendlines, I do not recommend trading those.

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What are the Harmonic Patterns?

The basic idea of Harmonic trading is that patterns repeat themselves. It brings math into trading by relying on Fibonacci numbers.

Types of Harmonic Patterns

There are three main types of Harmonic Patterns; Gartley, ABCD, and Three-Drive.

How to use the Harmonic Patterns?

All the forms of Harmonic patterns provide entry and exit signals with the potential reversal zone. As for stop-losses, if the pattern doesn’t move too far, traders can set stop-losses below a long entry and above a sell entry, using levels that they feel comfortable with and according to their own trading strategy.

Harmonic Patterns conclusion

Although they can be hard for some traders to spot, Harmonic Patterns can give an idea of where the market may move. The Gartley pattern is amongst what some traders often look for as it can help to give some indication of possible price movements.


Why Trade Recurring Patterns?

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  1. A full featured, self-paced, home study video course from Vic and Shirley detailing how to look for and trade these recurring patterns
  2. Over 85 recorded videos of how to trade and manage various patterns in live market conditions
  3. Two bonus companion courses to get you up to speed on the Noble Entry Method and Forex Support and Resistance Levels. You will need to understand these concepts in order to trade the patterns effec…
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