How to trade forex with market profile


Step by Step process to trade Options using Market Profile Step 1: Study the prior day’s activity and prepare 2-3 potential scenarios which can guide your trading the next day. Here is the chart of our preparation on the prior day.


What is market profile trading?

Now You Do Now you know the basics of Market Profile trading and how to execute a trade. Like any trading strategy, it’s not a silver bullet. But it can help give you an edge by showing you the bigger picture. It shows you a snapshot of the market. The weak hands, the strong hands, and the fair market value.

What are the best resources to learn market profile trading?

Although you can use Market Profile to analyze any market, futures are without a doubt most popular. In legacy markets main focus lais down on trading e-mini S&P500 or German 10-yr Bund. Besides Dalton’s youtube channel, there is also Shadowtrader, Vwaptrader1, and Axia Futures. All of these publish regular content about market profile trading.

How to identify opening types in the market profile?

Besides day types, we can also identify opening types in the market profile. If we can identify these early on, we can jump into great movement in the session. This open is defined by significant momentum right after the open. The market opens (usually below/above the previous day value area) and trends with strong conviction.

What is Market Profile swing trading strategy?

Market Profile can be used intra-day or over a medium-term period. Trader Matt D. uses a Market Profile swing trading strategy. He uses a six-eight week range to gauge the broad sentiment and value of a market. A mid-term range is ideal because it gives the market time to create an equilibrium of supply and demand.


Why do traders turn their eyes away when they see a market profile chart?

When they see a Market Profile chart, many retail traders quickly turn their eyes aways as the distribution of letters seems too complicated for them to understand.

Why is market profile important?

Because the Market profile tracks both price and time, it shows us the market activity with the context of how it developed. One of the significant advantages of a market profile is that it can be used in any market of your choices, such as Forex, Futures, Cryptocurrencies, or Stocks.

What is a small, retail, proprietary trader?

Those that are trading at the lower timeframes Steidlmayer called small, usually retail but even proprietary traders.

What is a TPO on a chart?

Each TPO represents a point of time where the market traded at a specific price. A single TPO is displayed on the chart every time the price touched it during the same period of time. The default and most common settings of TPO are in 30-minute time intervals.

What is a TPO?

Time price opportunity (TPO) is a building block of a Market Profile chart.

Why is initial balance important in futures?

Initial balance in the futures market works best because markets have well-defined trading hours.

How long do hedge funds open positions?

They are not interested in intraday price fluctuations, but they rather open positions for several days, weeks, months, and sometimes years.

When was volume profile trading released?

It was used on trading floors in Chicago, then released to the public in 1985. You may have heard it called “volume profile trading.”. I just learned how a trader doubled his account to $1.2M in 11 months! Click to Tweet.

How to tell if an asset is undervalued?

With this one simple tool, you can see whether an asset is undervalued or overvalued.#N#If the current price is above the value area, it’s a warning sign. At this point, the market is considered over-valued. It could be dangerous to take a long position, especially if trading volume is thin.#N#You can also execute trades based on how the price interacts with the “point of control” line.#N#For example, if the current price is below the line, there’s a good chance it’s under-valued. In theory, it should return to value. And vice versa.#N#This is a very simplified analysis and we’ll get deeper into how to execute a trade shortly.

How long is a good time to buy a stock?

As we’ll discuss, a six-eight week period is ideal. This gives us plenty of volume in the market.

Is the trading plan free on PSSS?

Get Your Trading Plan PSSS – It’s free!

What is market profile?

Market Profile is a professional instrument, which assesses the auction course. Exchange trading is just a two-sided auction of buyers and sellers, isn’t it? An analyst can assess dynamics of trading development both during a day and during long-term periods using various methods of building the Market Profile.

When was the market profile introduced?

He was the first to introduce the Market Profile to the Chicago Board Of Trade (CBOT) traders in 1985 . The technical analysis had had only the volume per time unit before Steidlmayer. Let us explain the Market Profile concept using simple words. There is a struggle between buyers and sellers in the market every day.

How to find the market balance area?

Press F3 being in the ATAS platform and you will activate the Market Profile drawing tool. We use it to find the market balance area or bell-shaped curve, since a trend movement can start from it. The longer the market is in balance, the stronger the potential of focused movement is.

How many times does the price movement exceed the initial balance area?

normal variation day. The price movement exceeds the Initial Balance area approximately in two times on such days.

What is composite market profile?

Composite market profile is an aggregate profile from several marked days. Apart from the preset current day, previous day, previous week and some other variants in the upper menu, you can select any period of time directly in the chart and to see the profile of this period to the left.

What is the struggle between buyers and sellers?

There is a struggle between buyers and sellers in the market every day. Buyers want to buy low and sellers want to sell high. The price moves up and down or (according to Ste idlmayer) is distributed in search for the fair price, which satisfies both buyers and sellers.

Who wrote the Mind Over Markets rule?

Traders could not have passed by this rule and James Dalton (the author of the Mind Over Markets book) offered the following version of the rule, which has to do with the Market Profile.

First withdraw ever !!!

Just withdrew profit for the first time. Been learning and trading for about a year now


After many years of losing many accounts, I learned to manage my account and completely changed my strategy. I put a trend indicator and I put the trades only where the trend goes. This and nothing more. I learned more about HH HL LL and LH, supply and demand zones and risk management.

Trade Analysis Requirements

For this analysis, you will need cumulative Market Profile (or yearly) that will show you the long-term volume histogram. For that, you can use Market Profile from TradingView (PRO subscription). You will also need to use daily profiles or short-term cumulative profiles (also from TradingView) to place the levels more precisely.

Cumulative Market Profile Shape

The first thing to do when analyzing the market from a long-term point of view is to look at the shape of the long-term cumulative profile (in this case yearly). If you are not familiar with the basic shapes the profile can have, and how to trade those, please read this article: Market Profile 2 – different profiles and their application.

Point Of Control (POC)

For me, the POC is the most significant information that Market Profile can give us. This is because the POC is the price point where the most volume was traded. In this case, it is a price point where the most volume throughout the year was placed. If you think about it, it really is a very significant piece of information.

Creating Swing Trade Levels

At this step, I already know how the institutional volumes were distributed throughout the year, and I know where most of them were accumulated (POC). I also know where the most significant areas on the chart are from a Price Action point of view. The only thing that is left to do, is to create the trading levels using all this information.


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