How to encash forex card


Where can I buy the ebixcash Forex card?

This card is available over the counter at all EbixCash branches. You simply need to walk into the branch, fill in the Forex Card application form, submit the required documentation, fund your card and walk out with the welcome kit pack.

How to encash unspent balance on Axis Bank Forex card?

In case you want to encash the entire unspent amount on the card, you need to visit the nearest Axis Bank Branch. What should I do if the Forex Card has expired, but there is unutilised balance on it?

How do I apply for a Forex card?

You can login to website and apply for the Forex card with a choice to get the card delivered to your doorstep or picking up from nearest branch. This card is available over the counter at all EbixCash branches.

Is it worth getting a Forex card in India?

About exchange rates (at the time of reloading card), fixed yearly costs and emergency support (card blocking or cash assistance), almost all the Indians banks issuing forex cards have similiar overall costs, hence this should not be a deciding factor. Also, it would be benificial if you could manage to get a forex card with your name on it.


Can I withdraw cash from my forex card?

You can use a forex card just like a credit or debit card to pay for your expenses in a local currency abroad. You can withdraw local cash from an ATM. With a forex card in your wallet, you need not carry wads of cash on your sight-seeing trips in a new country.

Can we transfer money from forex card to bank account?

One of the best features of a Forex Card is the ease with which you can transfer money from your Forex Card to a bank account. Forex Cards usually have a validity of three to five years. You can simply retain leftover funds for your next trip or easily transfer it back to your bank account.

Can I get refund in my forex card?

Forex – Refund On their return to India, customer can choose to retain the unspent forex in Travel Card (to the extent permitted by RBI) or can have it reimbursed in Indian Rupees.

Can forex card be used as Credit Card?

One of the easiest ways to carry and spend money on your travels abroad is a Forex Card. It’s as easy to use as a Credit Card or Debit Card and as widely accepted.

How much can I withdraw from forex card?

There is a daily limit of $10,000 or equivalent for shopping at a merchant establishments and a daily limit of $1000 or equivalent for withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Which bank is best for forex card?

11 Best Forex Cards in India 2022Axis Bank Diners card.HDFC Bank Multicurrency ForexPlus Card.HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card.HDFC Regalia ForexPlus Card.Thomas Cook Borderless Prepaid Card.Thomas Cook One Currency Card.IndusInd Bank Multi-Currency Forex card.ICICI Bank Multi-Currency Platinum Travel Card.More items…•

How do I cancel my HDFC forex card?

You can block the card using Prepaid NetBanking facility when the card is not in use and unblock it whenever you are travelling & need to use the card. In case your card gets lost or stolen, you can block the same with the help of Prepaid NetBanking facility or by calling our 24×7 HDFC Bank PhoneBanking immediately.

How do I cancel a forex transaction?

Forex rates are subject to major fluctuations….Non-Rate Locked forex orders can be cancelled by you, us or our partnered money changer stores by notifying the other concerned party of the cancellation. … Non-Rate Locked forex orders cannot be cancelled once the actual transaction has been executed.More items…

How do I check my Bookmyforex balance?

How do I check balance on my Card? You can login to the card management portal ( to view your currency wise balance. You can also check your Card balance on the Visa enabled ATM overseas, however, this may attract additional balance enquiry charges.

Is forex card a debit card?

It is a prepaid card which you can load with a specified amount in a foreign currency. So, when you are travelling overseas, you can swipe this forex card to pay for your expenses, instead of carrying cash around. It works as a debit card. You can also withdraw cash with your forex card from an ATM.

Is forex card better than debit card?

Safety and convenience While cash is definitely the least safe option, Forex cards are the safest one. Forex cards are not linked to your bank account, unlike Debit cards. You can also choose an expense limit for Forex card but can’t do the same for Debit card.

Where can forex card be used?

The Forex Card works just like a Credit/Debit Card for purchase transactions at merchant establishments that have an electronic terminal. The only difference is that the transaction amount is directly debited from your Forex Card balance. The card can be used to withdraw cash at all Visa ATMs worldwide.

What is a GCAS card?

GCAS can be used for lost/stolen card reporting, emergency cash assistance, emergency card replacement or miscellaneous information that the customer may require overseas. In case the customers are travelling in any other part of the world, they may avail of these services by placing a collect call to 61-2-92513704.

What is the ATM withdrawal option?

Generally, the options available at the ATM for cash withdrawal are “Checking”, “Credit”, and “Savings”. You should choose the “Checking/Current” option. In case the Checking/Current option is not available, you should select the “Credit” option.

Is Axis Bank responsible for currency conversion?

The “dynamic currency conversion” feature may appear with differing terminology depending on the overseas bank. Axis Bank is not responsible for any “dynamic currency conversion” related charges and will not be able to refund any such charges in case they are levied on account of wrong usage of card.

How to withdraw money from forex card?

It’s just like the way you withdraw money from your debit card. When you are abroad, go to an ATM, swipe your card and enter the amount of currency you want to withdraw and collect the money from the ATM machine. When you are in India and want to withdraw money your forex card, …

Why are forex cards so secure?

Forex cards are more secure than carrying cash as they come enabled with chip and pin technology for safeguarding the money in them.

What happens if you lose a travel card?

In case of theft or loss of your prepaid travel card, you can have the card blocked and also transfer the funds to your new replacement card. This replacement card is usually given as a backup along with your forex card kit. In case of theft of cash, there is no protection for your stolen money. It’s as good as gone.

What is forex travel card?

What is a forex travel card? A Prepaid Forex Card or a Travel Card is a popular and convenient way to buy foreign currency and use it on your travel abroad. They work just like a bank debit card. The card is issued by a bank or an authorized money changer and the required foreign currency is loaded into it. Depending on the type of forex card you …

Can you use a multi currency forex card?

The user of a forex card can only use the funds available in the card and no more. They won’t get any credit from the forex card issuer. What is a multi-currency forex card? A multi-currency forex card is a prepaid forex travel card which allows the user to load multiple foreign currencies in one single forex card.

Do forex cards have currency conversion fees?

Forex Cards have no Dynamic Currency Conversion Fee when used abroad since they are already loaded with the local currency of that foreign country. Forex Cards are universally recognized and accepted, unlike Traveller’s Cheque which has become an outdated payment instrument.

Can you use prepaid cards in multiple currencies?

When you are travelling to many countries, Prepaid travel cards allow you to load multiple currencies in them. When you are abroad and transacting with your forex card, it automatically detects which country you are in and pays using the preloaded local currency.

How does a forex card work?

It works as a prepaid card which can be loaded with a foreign currency of your choice. It’s just like a credit or debit card to pay your expenses in a local currency abroad. Now, to check whether your Forex card is working or not, I would suggest you to swipe it at any local shop or try using it an ATM in abroad.

How long does it take for a credit card to load?

It only takes a few hours for the amount to get loaded on the card. Just ensure that you have received the PIN and signed on the signature panel at the back of the card. To ensure the security of your card, please change the PIN and check the balance on the card before you travel.

Can you use a forex card if you haven’t paid?

Answered 2 years ago. Fundamentally, your Forex card is only usable once you have paid to load any foreign currency amount onto it. If you haven’t made any purchase for Forex but still have the card, be assured that it’ll be activated the moment you complete your first reload.

travelling with cash or other cards

Lost your wallet? A trip to the police station is probably your only hope.

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Axis Bank Forex Cards come with 24*7 emergency assistance services by TripAssist. Get your card, and money back in no time, if it gets lost!


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