How to copy trade forex


To copy successful Forex traders who deliver on their promise and really help you earn money, you need to pick a reliable platform, a playfield, so to say. It is an automated system that lets you connect to other traders and then observe in real-time what happens to your money (and intervene, if necessary).

The idea of copy trading is simple: use technology to copy the real-time forex trades (forex signals) of other live investors (forex trading system providers) you want to follow. This way, every time they trade, you can automatically replicate (copy) their trades in your brokerage account.May 16, 2022


What is a Forex trade copier and how it works?

the work of synchronizing accounts for you. ForexTradeCopier offers you the fastest remove trade copying solution in the industry scalable to hundreds of follower accounts. The Forex Copier MT4 features quick learning curves with a simple and user friendly interface.

How much money can you make from Forex trading?

How much money can you make trading forex? Excellent traders can earn between 20% – 50% annually trading forex. Earnings depend on trading expectancy, position size, and consistency. For example, if an excellent trader manages $100 000, the maximum allowed drawdown is 5% ($5000), he can earn $20 000 annually.

How to become a successful forex trader?

How to Become a Successful Forex Trader

  • Understand the Role Psychology Plays. Forex trading is distinctly not gambling; it’s not about chance or luck. …
  • Don’t Overlook Education. You’ve probably heard that Bill Gates reads over fifty books a year and that Warren Buffet reads 500-pages a day.
  • Have a Clear Trading Plan. …
  • Trial and Error. …
  • Find the Right Tools for the Job. …

Who are the most successful forex traders?

FAQs: Forex Trading

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  • Q8. Is forex trading worth it? …
  • Q9. What are the disadvantages of forex trading? …
  • Q10. …

Can you copy someones trades?

Advantages of Copy Trading You can simply follow a pro investor. Say you’ve picked someone who consistently generates high returns in their portfolio. As a result, copying them would theoretically allow you to do the same. Copy trading is largely passive.

Can you copy trade on mt4?

Copying trades of successful traders, or social trading Trading Signals in MetaTrader 4 allow you to automatically copy the deals performed by other traders in real time.

How do you copy best traders?

How to copy traders on eToroChoose a trader. Search for traders by performance, assets, risk score, and more.Set an amount. Choose a total amount for the copy — the proportions are calculated automatically.Click Copy. Click the “Copy” button to start automatically copying the trader’s positions.

Where can I copy a trade?

List of Top Copy Trading PlatformsAvaTrade.B2Broker.ZuluTrade.Forex Copier.Duplitrade.FBS.FXTM.NAGA.More items…•

How do I copy trade automatically?

Once you finalize the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, simply click “Auto Copy” to enable. To track and manage your Auto-Copies, go to “Auto Invest” >> “Auto Copy” >> “Active” where you can see all active and closed trades of users you are autocopying.

How do I set up copy trading?

To open a copy trading account, you need to sign up for a live account with your chosen broker. Make sure to check your broker’s regulation status beforehand as this will determine the level of security and fund safety provided. Traders need to deposit funds into their account in order to invest in another account.

How safe is copy trading?

Manual copy trading isn’t quite as risky as it’s up to you whether you mimic another trader’s position. However, if you blindly follow their every move without doing your own research, this could potentially be just as disastrous.

Is copy trading good for beginners?

Put simply, copy trading allows you to mimic the investment strategies of a more experienced investor. Ideal for beginners but just as beneficial to experts, copy trading makes perfect sense for anyone who wants to make money in the stock market without needing the requisite time or knowledge to invest themselves.

What is the best copy trade platform?

Best Forex Brokers for Social Copy TradingeToro – Best overall platform for copy trading.AvaTrade – MetaTrader suite, ZuluTrade and DupliTrade.Pepperstone – MetaTrader, DupliTrade, and Myfxbook.Vantage – MetaTrader, ZuluTrade, DupliTrade, and Myfxbook.FXCM – MetaTrader, ZuluTrade, and supports algorithmic trading.More items…•

Is copy trading free?

Absolutely not. There are no additional charges for copy trading.

Can I copy a day trader?

Copy trading allows traders to copy trades executed by other investors in the financial markets. The goal of copy trading is for the trader to have the same positions as the investor they are copying.

Is OctaFX copy trading safe?

OctaFX is considered high-risk, with an overall Trust Score of 67 out of 99. OctaFX is not publicly traded and does not operate a bank. OctaFX is authorised by zero tier-1 regulators (high trust), one tier-2 regulator (average trust), and zero tier-3 regulators (low trust). Learn more about Trust Score.

What is copy trading?

The idea of copy trading is simple: use technology to copy the real-time forex trades (forex signals) of other live investors (forex trading system…

Is copy trading legal?

Copy trading is legal in most countries, as long as the broker itself is properly regulated. When investing in financial markets through a regulate…

How do you copy trade?

With copy trading, a trader (signal provider) shares real-time trades with other traders (users). Using a copy trading platform, users can automati…

How do you copy the best traders?

Select the traders whose trades you want to copy, set any limits and thresholds for risk management purposes, and then decide whether you want to c…

Can you make money from copy trading?

Copy trading is like any investment, in the sense that you can either make money or lose money. Your profitability is determined by which traders y…

How do I choose the best trading system to forex copy trade?

The best trading system to copy isn’t necessarily the most profitable. It is crucial to align your risk parameters with the strategy that best suit…

Is copy trading a good idea?

While it may sound like a good idea to automate your trading strategy, copy trading still requires active account management — it’s not a quick fix…

How do you copy a trade?

You must first decide which investors you want to copy from within the copy trading platform, then allocate a portion of your account balances towa…

Does copy trading really work?

Yes, copy trading really works, and you can verify the proof by checking the results of the best-performing traders. Likewise, there are traders th…

How Can Trade Wise Help You?

I have set up Trade Wise to test and review copy trading products and services. I offer my personal opinion and reviews to recommend the most profitable and useful tools based on usability, reliability and performance based on my own use and experience.

What Is Forex?

Forex is the abbreviation used to describe the ‘Foreign Exchange Market’, which is a global marketplace for trading currencies against each other.

Copy Trading In Forex Markets

The process of copy trading is that same whichever market you’re investing in, it’s just the investment vehicle that changes.

Choosing The Best Forex Copy Trading Platform

When it comes to copy trading, your choice of investors to follow and trading platforms to use are important factors in determining how successful you are.


I hope this article has given you a basic overview of copy trading in forex and an idea of which platforms to use for the best chance of trading success.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading, also known as social trading, is a way to automate your trading by copying the trades of other traders. It is often used by newbies that might not yet know how to trade, with the added benefit of helping to teach them on the way.

Why is copy trading important?

Also, copy trading can be used by experienced traders too, as a way of learning new trading strategies from others, and by that , increasing their success in the online trading market.

Why is copy investing so popular?

Copy investing, or mirror trading became very popular with investors worldwide, mainly because many early adopters have had enormous success and were able to boost their trading skills and profitability with zero effort. Copy trading enables novice investors to do just that.

Can you copy and follow other traders?

If your plan is only to follow and copy other traders there is no experience required , although it can be helpful in analysing and selecting a good trader to copy. In reality it is often the traders with no experience who like to use copy trading.

How many exe files are in my local trade copier?

My Local Trade Copier comes with two .exe files, a LTC Server EA and a Client EA.

What is chapter 5 of Local Trade Copier?

In this section I also explore some of the more unconventional settings of the Local Trade Copier: the option to partially close trades, the money management techniques in the software and the stop loss and take profit modifications that can be achieved with the LTC. I briefly touch on the new trading feature in the MT4 platform called one click trading. Enabling this option is relatively simple, read this chapter to find out how.

What is the first chapter of MetaTrader 4?

The first chapter discusses the tools that are needed to start the trade copying process. A MetaTrader 4 platform, a trade copier software and a virtual private server are the essential trading tools to any successful copying campaign. The latter sections will go over each of these tools in more detail and teach you how to setup and configure them.

Can I run a local trade copier without a VPS?

A VPS is a Virtual Private Server. You can run my Local Trade Copier without a VPS, but it’s highly recommended to use one. In this part I explain how to set up a Virtual Private Server and how to configure the LTC to work on the VPS. I also go over some more practical issues like how to transfer files between your computer and …

How does copy trading work?

Copy trading is a portfolio management strategy where one copies the trades of another trader, tracking the performance of that investor. There is also an automated version of copy trading where one’s trades are automatically transacted. A manual version will allow a trader to execute their own trades. The manual version offers discretion, and if one employs their own discretion, they should expect the returns to be different, relative to the historical returns of the copy trader. Traders can certainly make money through copy trading, but before starting, you should consider pracsiting to manually copy the trades to see if the returns are as profitable as had been expected.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading. Copy trading allows traders to copy trades executed by other investors in the financial markets. The goal of copy trading is for the trader to have the same positions as the investor they are copying. When copying another trader, one doesn’t receive the layout of the trader’s strategy, but simply follows their trades blindly.

What is the greatest risk a trader will face when copy trading?

However, the greatest risk a trader will face when copy trading is market risk . If the strategy a trader is copying is unsuccessful, they can lose money. Traders also face liquidity risk if the instruments they are trading experience illiquid conditions when markets are volatile.

What is the difference between copy trading and social trading?

Traders are able to share ideas with each other and develop new strategies, as well as replicating similar strategies and tools, whereas copy traders prefer to replicate exactly the positions of an individual trader and the subsequent results. Social trading is available on our online trading platform.

Why is copy trading important?

The process of copy trading allows traders to monitor strategies of other successful traders. Like any trading system a trader decides to employ, traders are best served by following the investor before they decide to risk real capital. Copy trading can be useful for traders who don’t have the time to follow the markets themselves.

What is the maximum drawdown for a copy trader?

For example, a copy trader may have a maximum drawdown of 20% . This means that one can expect to lose at least 20% at any point once they start copying the trader. It is also useful for traders to gather information about the products and asset classes they are trading.

What happens when currency is locked up?

Emerging market currencies are more exposed to systematic risks. This means that one’s money could get locked up and the trader may not be able to exit their positions. This has happened in the past when countries are overthrown and capital is locked up and forbidden to leave. While this scenario is very rare, it needs to be included in a strategy where this situation could happen, especially in the foreign exchange market.

What is forex trading?

2828. Forex trading is one of the most popular platforms for retail traders, who are looking to expand their portfolio. There are many opportunities for moneymaking in the market. Currently, enter into the forex trading is easy since there are methods like copy trading, Expert Advisors, Indicators, and social trading.

Why is copy trading important?

There are many benefits from copy trading which unique to it. Copy-trading provides the opportunity to learn about the market while making money at the same time. This does not require traders to be active all the time with the process. But, as long as you search the best traders to copy, you can copy their Return on Investment (ROI) …

What happens when you link your portfolio with other traders?

When you link your portfolio with other traders, you may copy all of their current positions of the market and any action they make thereafter automatically. When you start copy trading, your account acts simultaneously as per the traders. Such as, if other traders open a new trade, you also open a new one, and if they close a trade, you also close.

Why is it important to copy a platform?

Selecting a better platform is the most important thing in copy trading. Because all the things depend on the traders, you choose to copy. Since many platforms offer copy trading, it’s better to have good knowledge as well as better research on these platforms. Usually, many experts recommend selecting big, well-established platforms to copy.

Is copy trading risky?

There also some risks in copy trading when you copy the other traders, as same as when you trade forex. The difference between these two is that you are not making trading decisions. And experts that you follow is the one that takes decisions on risk management instead of you.

Can you copy your return on investment?

But, as long as you search the best traders to copy, you can copy their Return on Investment (ROI) for a long period. If someone is looking for opportunities to invest, copy trading is the best feature to follow. This can consider as a simple process since you no need to set up complex macros. Copy trading is more popular …

Is copying trades on Zulutrade good?

On the Zulutrade and FXTM platform, copying trades from traders are free but ~20% profit goes to the trader and the other ~80% come to you. You may think this is bad but it’s actually a good thing because traders that you are copying have a reason to make a decent profit.

What is a local trade copier?

What is the Local Trade Copier? The LTC is an expert advisor designed to work on the MT4 terminal. The LTC helps Forex traders and account manager to copy trades on multiple MT4 accounts that run on the same computer or even the same Virtual Private Server. It can be a great tool if you want to operate multiple MT4 accounts at …

Can you have multiple MT4 accounts at the same time?

It can be a great tool if you want to operate multiple MT4 accounts at the same time and have the same trades execute across multiple MT4 accounts.

Can you copy a trade from MT4 to MT4?

If you want to copy your trades across multiple MT4 accounts or you only want to copy trades from your MT4 account to MT4 accounts of others the easiest and most reliable solution is to use an Expert Advisor. It will save you time and more importantly, it will let you focus on the market price action rather than needing to open trades …

Can you copy trades between MT4 platforms?

If you have successfully installed the Trade Copier EA on your MT4 terminals, you can now start copying trades between as many MT4 platforms you need. Tip: To make the Trade Copier EA appear on your MT4 terminals you will have to do a REFRESH in the Navigator window or simply restart MT4 platforms.


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