How to check axis bank forex card balance


  • Login to Axis Bank Internet Banking
  • Scroll to the ‘Credit Card’ section. You will find your registered card listed here
  • Choose the ‘Balance and Payments’ option
  • Select the Credit Card you want to check the balance of (In case you have multiple cards)
  • Click Submit


How to check Axis Bank credit card balance?

Use phone banking: Axis Bank has a robust phone banking network through which one can do their banking and also check their credit card balance. To do this, you will need to dial 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 555 from your phone. If you are calling from outside India, you will need to call 91 22 67987700.

Why use Axis Bank Forex cards?

travelling with the axis bank forex card. Axis Bank Forex Cards come with 24*7 emergency assistance services by TripAssist. Get your card, and money back in no time, if it gets lost! Carry up to 16 of the most widely used currencies on your Axis Bank Forex Card! So no more unfamiliar notes & coins, and no more maths!

How to encash unspent balance on Axis Bank Forex card?

In case you want to encash the entire unspent amount on the card, you need to visit the nearest Axis Bank Branch. What should I do if the Forex Card has expired, but there is unutilised balance on it?

How to check balance on Forex card?

Log in to your bank’s NetBanking facility with User ID and Password. Make sure to register your Forex card. With the help of the NetBanking facility, you will find an option to check the balance in your card. You can also contact the PhoneBanking services of your bank to check the balance on your Forex card.


How can I check my forex card balance?

You can check the balance in your forex card through net banking or phone banking. When checking the balance online, log in with the user ID and password provided for net banking and then put your card number and pin. Once you put that, you will find an option for checking your balance.

How can I check my Axis Bank forex card statement?

To contact customer service channels you may click here To contact customer service channels to write to us or call the 24- hour helpline + 91 40 67174100 or visit any nearest Axis Bank Branch for assistance. Alternatively you may log in to Internet Banking or Axis Mobile Application to view your card details.

How can I load my Axis Bank forex card online?

Axis Bank Branch: You can reload your Forex Card by visiting the Branch where you purchased the Forex Card from. Internet banking: You can select the card you wish to fund and can fund it using any of your Axis savings/current account.

Can I transfer money from Axis forex card to bank account?

According to Reserve Bank of India regulation, you cannot transfer the forex card balance directly into other accounts.

Is forex card a debit card?

It is a prepaid card which you can load with a specified amount in a foreign currency. So, when you are travelling overseas, you can swipe this forex card to pay for your expenses, instead of carrying cash around. It works as a debit card. You can also withdraw cash with your forex card from an ATM.

Can we withdraw cash from forex card?

You can use a forex card just like a credit or debit card to pay for your expenses in a local currency abroad. You can withdraw local cash from an ATM. With a forex card in your wallet, you need not carry wads of cash on your sight-seeing trips in a new country.

What is the use of Axis Bank forex card?

Much like a regular bank (Credit/Debit) cards, Forex Cards can be used to pay for your expenses in a local currency abroad and withdraw cash from ATMs. The Forex Card is a preloaded card and can be loaded across with multiple currencies.

Can forex card be used as Credit Card?

One of the easiest ways to carry and spend money on your travels abroad is a Forex Card. It’s as easy to use as a Credit Card or Debit Card and as widely accepted.

Which bank is best for forex card?

11 Best Forex Cards in India 2022Axis Bank Diners card.HDFC Bank Multicurrency ForexPlus Card.HDFC Bank ISIC Student ForexPlus Card.HDFC Regalia ForexPlus Card.Thomas Cook Borderless Prepaid Card.Thomas Cook One Currency Card.IndusInd Bank Multi-Currency Forex card.ICICI Bank Multi-Currency Platinum Travel Card.More items…•

Can we transfer money from forex card to bank account online?

Even though you can check your forex card balance online, but you can’t transfer funds from your forex card to your bank account. Most forex cards levy a fee per ATM withdrawal abroad, there is also a limit to your daily withdrawal.

Can forex card be used in India?

No, you cannot use it in India, Nepal or Bhutan. The Forex Card is intended only to be used during your travels abroad.

How do I check my inward remittance Axis Bank?

On receipt of funds, login to internet banking. Against the pending remittance, select purpose code, upload documents, book exchange rate and credit a/c details and submit your request.

How to unlock multicurrency card from Axis Bank – Quora

Answer: There seems to be some confusion. There are two types of online activities possible on Axis Bank MultiCurrency cards. 1. View rights – when youblog onto Axis bank net baking using your 16 digit card number and web pin,you will be able to check your balance, statement and other profile re…

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How To Check The Balance On Your Axis Bank Prepaid Card?

How do I generate a new PIN for my Forex Card

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travelling with cash or other cards

Lost your wallet? A trip to the police station is probably your only hope.

travelling with the axis bank forex card

Axis Bank Forex Cards come with 24*7 emergency assistance services by TripAssist. Get your card, and money back in no time, if it gets lost!

What is Axis prepaid card?

It is a single prepaid card, which can be loaded with multiple foreign currencies. The card is issued and loaded by Axis Bank branches in India. It can be used to swipe for payments and withdraw cash while travelling abroad.

How long does it take to use a credit card?

You can start using the card after a couple of hours of purchasing it; it takes a couple of hours for the amount to get loaded on the card subject to document verification. Please ensure that you have received the PIN and signed on the signature panel at the back of the card.

What is a forex card?

A Forex Card is an easier and more secure option of handling your Foreign Exchange. Much like regular bank (Credit/Debit) cards, Forex Cards can be used to make transactions and withdraw cash from ATMs.

What are the benefits of a forex card?

The benefits of a Forex Card include: Safe and convenient access to funds when overseas, without the need to handle currency notes. Availability to transact across various currencies with a single card, for frequent travellers and/or multi-country tours.

How to check Axis Bank balance?

You can check your Axis Bank credit card balance by calling the Axis Bank credit card customer care number at 1860 419 5555 or 1860 500 555 from your phone. You will then have you type in your credit card details, after which you will receive the balance statement.

What is outstanding balance on credit card?

The outstanding balance of your credit card is the amount that you have to pay. This is the amount which is not billed in your statement cycle. Your credit balance is the amount which the bank owes you and can be in the form of rewards and cash back.


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