How do i load my own forex data into strategy tester using a csv file

If you want to import the Forex Historical data in MetaTrader to backtest an Expert Advisor, you will need to download the data in a CSV format. Open the History Center in MetaTrader from Tools. Select the asset you want to trade with in the “Symbols” list. Double click and load the data in the table.


How to import data into forex tester?

Select a file to import by clicking the “ … ” button. Download Data files from our site. Once the file is selected, Forex Tester will try to determine the destination currency automatically and select it in the “ Import to symbol: ” drop-down menu.

How to test a forex strategy in real time?

If the Forex market is open, you can test the strategy in real-time. It requires decent Internet connection. Go to the Real Time tab. There you can select a currency pair from the drop-down list and click Start Online Simulation button. The Tester will fetch about 4 hour of ticks preceding the current time.

What is the Best Forex data?

It is the tick data from Ducascopy because this is world-known as the most reliable Forex data. The Historical data is converted into bars using the time zone. How to use the Forex Historical Data App?

How to make forex backtesting more reliable?

Accessing high-quality data and variable spreads are among other features that make backtesting more reliable. We talked about data accuracy to some extent before but spread is another factor that can simulate the trading closer to real condition. When you use forex simulator, you can get variable spread as you get in real trading condition.

How do I import CSV data?

On the File menu, click Import. In the Import dialog box, click the option for the type of file that you want to import, and then click Import. In the Choose a File dialog box, locate and click the CSV, HTML, or text file that you want to use as an external data range, and then click Get Data.

How do I import a CSV file into MT4?

Importing the Historical Data into MT4In the main menu, select Tools.Select History Center. … In the Symbols section, double click on MAJORS / FOREX MAJORS.Double Click on the currency pair you wish to import.Double click on 1 minute..Click on Import at the bottom of the window.More items…•

How do I import data into MT5?

Importing the Historical Data into MT5Click on Import at the bottom of the window. A new window will pop up:Click on BROWSE.Make sure that: SEPARATOR is a , (comma).The time zone for any FirstRate Data file is GMT. … Once loading is complete, you’ll see a message offering to recalculate the data for other timeframes.

How do I download MT4 historical data?

Click Forex and mark the pair you wish to update, for example, EURUSD, double click the selected pair and mark 1-Minute (1M), ensure that it is marked as appears in the image. Now, click Download. A window will open. Click OK and the data download process will begin.

How do I download Forex data?

Open the History Center in MetaTrader from Tools. Select the asset you want to trade with in the “Symbols” list. Double click and load the data in the table. Use the Import option to select the downloaded Forex Historical data from the App.

How do I export data from MetaTrader?

How to export data from Metatrader 5Open Metatrader 5 and the right click on the symbol in a market watch:Click on symbols.Click on specific symbol.Click on the bars tab.Then you will see the bars and you have to select them.Click on export.Choose the folder for saving data.

How do you use Tickstory?

1) Start the Tickstory application and ensure your Metatrader settings have been configured correctly. 2) Select the instrument you wish to back-test with and select ‘Export to MT4’. 3) Generate your MT4 Export and wait for it to complete. For beginners, you can use the default settings.

How do I download tick data from mt5?

Importing Tick Data on MetaTrader 5Once importing bar data is complete, navigate over to the “Ticks” tab.Make sure that the custom symbol is inputted on the symbol input field. … Click on “Browse”.Select the tick export file. … Once the import is finished, click “OK”.Click “OK”.More items…•

What is tick mt5?

Ticks are required for testing and optimizing Expert Advisors, because they use tick data for operation. Testing can be performed on real ticks provided by a broker or on ticks generated by the strategy and based on minute data.

Where can I download trading data?

Internet Sources for Historical Market & Stock DataYahoo! Finance – Historical Prices. … Dow Jones Industrial Averages. Historical and current performance data. … S&P Indices. Historical performance data.IPL Newspaper Collection. … Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association. … FINRA: Market Data Center.

How do I update my data on mt4?

2:294:29How to Update Price Data History in Metatrader – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipYou can push f2 on your keyboard for a shortcut or click on tools and then History Center that’llMoreYou can push f2 on your keyboard for a shortcut or click on tools and then History Center that’ll load and on the there are two columns again on the left it has the currencies.

Where is mt4 history data stored?

History CenterTo control historical data, the terminal has a special window named “History Center”. This window can be opened by executing the command “Tools – History Center” or by pressing F2. After the terminal has been shut down, all accumulated historical data will be stored in the “History Center”.

Download The Most Current Data

The first thing that you have to do is make sure that your initial deposit is similar to what you will actually be trading with. For example, if you plan to open an account with $5,000, then use that as your initial deposit. Testing with a $1,000,000 account can be fun, but it won’t help you simulate real-life conditions.


That is how to setup your first backtest in Forex Tester 2. It is the software that myself and other traders recommend . There are other options out there however, so find the one that works best for you.

What format is Forex Tester?

Forex Tester allows you to import an unlimited number of currency pairs and years of history data in almost any possible text format (ASCII *.csv, *.txt).

How to download our free historical data?

Here you can download free history data for the most common currency pairs (source: Basic (Forexite free data)):

What are the two types of paid data services?

We offer two types of paid data services so that our users could select the best option that meets their trading needs: Standard data and Super data.

How to change test start date in a simulation?

Though if you want, you can change the test start date/time. Now you are all set! Switch to the Tester tab and click Start button. This will start your test, and the Tester automatically switches to the Simulation tab, where you can follow the test in graphical mode.

Does a test run faster when the tester is not plotting simultaneously?

Note, however, that the test runs fastest when the Tester is not plotting simultaneously with the calculations. So, if you want the test results as quickly as possible, it is better to monitor the test progress from the Tester tab.

How to use Forex Tester 2?

You can use Forex Tester 2 to create the data aggregation for you. Simply go into Data Center and make sure that the data is updated to the most recent data. Then click on the Export button. In the next window, select where you want to export the file to and the date range.

How many years of data is good for testing?

But for all intents and purposes, 14+ years of data is good for most testing purposes. I would list the data sources here, but blog posts do not get updated nearly as often as the Resources page, so just check that page for my latest suggestions.

Can you use raw data in Excel?

But the raw historical data itself can be useful. There are some studies that you can do with raw data that are much easier to do in Excel, than with a full-blown software solution. You might be surprised at how easy is it to find some things in Excel that are much harder to do in backtesting software.

Can you use Excel to analyze data?

You can use Excel to get the data you need, if you are in a pinch. And I mean if you are really in a pinch. You will see what I mean in a moment. For example, let’s say that you want to create daily candles from 4 hour candles.

How much does a forex tester 4 cost?

For soft4fx you have to pay $99 for a lifetime license but for forex tester 4, a lifetime license is from $199 to $598 depending on the historical data you get.

What is Forex tester 4?

Forex tester 4 is the most complete tool you can find for backtesting Forex trading strategies and suitable for the traders who want to do professional backtesting on a functional well-designed software. It’s not a plug-in or add-on for MT4. Instead, it’s a separate software that looks like MT4 very much but it has some additional features.

What is reliable backtesting?

Reliable backtesting is the one without bias. The most well-known type of bias is look ahead bias when you can see the rest of the chart so you have a bias towards your analyses and trades.

What is FXBlue trading simulator?

Fxblue is a website that provides various services to forex traders including some free tools. One of them is an add-on that is installed on the MT4 and simulates charts. For downloading the FXBlue simulator, go to FX Blue Trading Simulator v3 for MT4 or for MT5 click on free download.

What is backtesting in trading?

Backtesting is the process of testing, examining, and analyzing your strategy based on historical data. What it means is you need to go through the past price information of any currency pairs, stocks, etc. you want to backtest to find out how price reacted to your tools or method in particular and your whole strategy in general — taken orders, money management, win, lose, etc.

Why do you backtest a forex trading strategy?

Backtesting a trading strategy in Forex or any other type of market is vital if you want to have a profitable strategy or if you want to optimize your strategy to gain better results. Sometimes your strategy is performed without any EAs or trading robots so you need to take a manual approach, however, doing all the backtesting completely manually is very hard so we can do that with the help of some softwares and simulators.

What is tradingview?

Tradingview is a charting service and has a big community of trader s who share their trading ideas every day. You can find trading ideas and analysis for almost every trading method. We are not going to talk about different features or every aspect of tradingview here but there is a backtesting tool in there that you can use for backtesting, however, there is a big disadvantage for that which is lack of enough data.

What is the Forex historical data app?

The Forex historical Data App is a free tool. It is the tick data from Ducascopy because this is world-known as the most reliable Forex data. The Historical data is converted into bars using the time zone.

How to find the most reliable parameters?

There are two methods to find the most reliable parameters in one strategy – generating and optimization . When generating strategies, the strategy builders find the most robust strategies for the criteria we have set. If we optimize a strategy, the strategy builders on MetaTrader finds the best parameters using the backtest over the Historical data.

What is the fastest app to find historical data?

Forex Historical Data App is the fastest you can find on the market. The Historical data you need downloads in seconds, and for each asset, you can download up to 200,000 bars.

How to download historical data?

How to use the Forex Historical Data App? 1 Download the data you need 2 It is effortless to use the App. Follow the steps: 3 Choose the asset you want to trade from the Symbol list. 4 Set the Timezone according to your broker’s server. GMT is the default. 5 Choose the format you need for usage. 6 Select how many bars you want to export. The maximum is 200 000. 7 When ready, click on Load data.

What is a condition in MetaTrader?

Let’s say we have a strategy with two entry conditions and one exit condition. The conditions are indicators used in MetaTrader. Each indicator has 100s of different combinations for the parameters. This makes it impossible for the trader to find which parameters work the best for one asset. This is where the backtesting comes.

How to customize the symbol in FS Dukascopy?

To do that, go to the Control panel and click on the Symbol Page. In Active data source, select the FS DukasCopy server. From there, you can change the values for all the assets you want to trade.

Can you export Dukascopy Europe historical data?

The Forex Historical data is available in different formats suitable for MetaTrader, and the strategy builders EA Studio and FSB Pro. Also, you can export this DukasCopy Europe Historical data in Excel.

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