Does goldman sachs trade forex


You can trade Goldman Sachs shares with in just four steps: Open a account, or log-in if you’re already a customer. Search for ‘Goldman Sachs’ in our award-winning platform


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streaming tiles provide spot and outright prices for over 100 crosses, including
NDFs. Depth of liquidity and an advanced order book are highly popular features;
the platform also offers intuitive order entry and simplified trade confirmations
and settlement.

Market coverage

REDI Trader
offers streaming prices over 100+ crosses and commodities including precious
metals, base metals and energies.

Customer support

REDI Trader
is supported 24 hours from Wellington open to New York Friday close.


REDI Trader
is designed to offer maximum flexibility to clients. Customisable workspaces
give clients the ability to select features and data on demand. Custom settings
include execution and order entry speed, order fill notifications and market alerts.
Algorithmic strategies are fully customisable and can be suspended and resumed
at any time.

Future plans

include new algorithm order types and methods for smarter and faster execution.

What is the lesson of trading losses?

As a trader, there’s an important lesson to learn early on, which is that trading losses are part and parcel of playing the game. They are unavoidable, since no-one can predict the markets all the time and no-one can win on every single trade. In fact, many traders have found success by being right just 30-40% of the time.

Is past performance a reliable indicator of future returns?

Past performance, historical or simulated results are not a reliable indicator of future returns and may not account for real world settings. Financial trading is full of risk and margin trading can lead to financial losses totalling more than what is in your investment account.


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