Can we open live trading account in fx pro forex trading without IBs

Yes, you can. You can open an account under your Company (corporate) and deposit and withdraw funds directly with your company’s bank account. To open a company account with FXPro, go to FxPro Official Website and complete the registration as an individual.


How to open a live trading account with FxPro?

To register for a live trading account, click on the green ‘Open Trading Account’ icon on the FxPro homepage, or click here. then you will see the registration page like below. Do you want to open a company (corporate) FX account with FXPro?

Is FxPro safe to invest in?

FXPro is regulated and licensed by 4 different financial authorities and puts the utmost security for investors’ funds. With FXPro, your funds are always safe with segregated bank account.

What can I trade with FxPro?

Start live trading over thousands of CFDs on 6 asset classes: FX, Metals, Shares, Indices, Energies & Futures. Why open a trading account with FxPro? With FxPro’s live trading accounts, you can experience the best in order execution and trading technology alongside powerful trading tools and expert analysis.

How do I register for a live trading account?

To register for a live trading account, click on the green ‘Open Trading Account’ icon on the FxPro homepage, or click here. then you will see the registration page like below.

How do I open a live trading account on Hotforex?

To open a Live account click here. The live account allows you to open an account with real money to start trading straight away. You simply choose the account type that best suits you, complete the online registration, submit your documents and you are set to go.

How do I open a demo account on FxPro?

Advantages of FxPro demo account….How To Open FxPro Demo AccountHead over to the FxPro homepage. … Select your account type by clicking on your preferred option. … Fill out your personal details on the sign-up page.

How many accounts can you have on FxPro?

5 different trading accountsYes, FxPro allows up to 5 different trading accounts. You may open additional trading accounts via your FxPro Direct.

How do I create a live trading account?

Here are the steps to follow if you want to open a live trading account on the MT4 trading platform.Download Metatrader 4 platform. … Open a live account with your broker. … Login to your Metatrader 4 trading platform. … Fund your trading account. … Conclusion.

What is the minimum deposit for FxPro?

$100The minimum deposit at FxPro is $100.FxProActivTradesMinimum deposit$100$500

How long does a FxPro demo account last?

The FxPro demo account remains open for an unlimited period of time so long as you are actively trading. If you are inactive with the FxPro demo account for a period of 30-days though, it will be disabled.

How long does it take to withdraw from FxPro?

Card withdrawals can take around 5-7 working days and International Bank Transfers may take 3-5 business days depending on your bank. SEPA and local transfers usually reflect within the same business day, as do E-Wallets transfers.

Is FxPro a good broker?

FxPro is a well-capitalized, trustworthy broker that offers multiple platform options, multiple trade execution methods, and can cleanly execute large orders for professional traders.

What leverage does FxPro offer?

With leverage 1:5 you would need to deposit EUR 20,000 to open 1 lot of EURUSD (100,000) , while at leverage 1:30 you could open the same trade with only EUR 3,333….What is leverage?Initial marginLeverageBuying Power (units)$1,0001:10$10,000$1,0001:33$33,0001 more row

Does FxPro have ZAR account?

Clients of FxPro Financial Services Limited & FxPro Global Markets Limited may open a trading account in EUR, USD, GBP, AUD, CHF, JPY, PLN and ZAR.

Is FxPro an ECN broker?

Why FxPro is not an ECN Broker. ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network and is frequently confused with NDD execution. However, ECN refers to the anonymous communication between executing counterparties which may, in fact, result in no guaranteed fills and worse pricing for the retail trader.

How do I fund my FxPro account?

How to fund your accountSign in to FxPro Direct with your email and password.Open the “Wallet” section and click the “Deposit” button.Now you can choose from a selection of convenient payment methods. … Choose the method and specify the amount you want to deposit.More items…

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