How to use TDI in forex


One way to get trading signals from the TDI indicator is to open a buy deal when the green line crosses the red line in the direction of the uptrend. Similarly, you may open a deal to sell when the green line is below the red. For more conservative traders, a buy position could be entered when both lines are above the yellow.


What is TDI in forex trading?

June 1, 2020 The Forex Geek The Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) is a versatile trading indicator that is based on a combination of technical analysis. The TDI indicator implements the standard RSI indicator, which determines the strength of the current trend, or if you want, the rate of change in price.

How do I add the traders dynamic index (TDI) to mobile MT4?

Follow these instructions to add the full Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) to your mobile MT4 Android or Apple iOS. Apply an RSI indicator to your mobile chart with the color set to your background’s color or ” None ” if you have that option. Set the period to “13”, Apply it to “Close”.

How to use TDI indicator to determine trend direction?

TDI indicator trend direction First of all, the indicator can be used to determine the current trend. The green line above the red signals a change in the short-term trend to an uptrend. When green falls below red, the short-term trend changes to a downtrend.

How should I trade Forex?

You should trade forex in a way that suits your own individual style, needs and goals. If you would like to practice trading with the TDI indicator, you can open an account with a forex broker and download a trading platform. If you are looking for a forex broker, you may wish to view my best forex brokers for some inspiration.


What is the yellow line in TDI?

The yellow line is the most important line of the TDI indicator. The line binds all the other parts together and it makes the indicator tradable. Traders also refer to the yellow line as the Market Baseline. The yellow line can be used to determine the long-term trend.

How many moving averages are there in the Dynamic Index?

Let’s break down the Traders Dynamic Index indicator and go through it a little bit. As you can see, this scalping indicator has five moving averages.

What is the best indicator to pull the market sentiment?

There is one particular indicator that can pull and consolidate the market sentiment for you. It is called the TDI indicator.

Why do we look for market reversal?

The expectation is that when we get up to these levels to start looking for market reversal because the market can’t go any higher. This is the perfect place to get out of our scalping trade and take profits.

What is the second condition for a trade signal?

The second required condition for a valid trade signal is to wait for the green line to break above the yellow line. Once this happens, we have an alignment between the short-term trend and the long-term trend.

Do you need technical indicators on a chart?

You don’t need countless technical indicators on your chart. You may be thinking that when all these indicators line up, it must be good. More often than not, there are indicators going every direction, leaving you more confused than you were without them.

Can you cheat on Forex?

Cheating the Forex market is possible thanks to our best Traders Dynamic Index Strategy. If you don’t want to be a profitable trader, please don’t read this scalping strategy. This is because it will help you cheat in any market. If you think cheating is morally wrong, you need to understand smart money is constantly cheating to make big profits.

When can you trade TDI?

When the conditions are right and when signaled by the TDI indicator, you can easily trade when the conditions are most ideal .

What is the advantage of using TDI?

One of the biggest advantages of using the TDI indicator is that it eliminates the need of having to use three different indicators separately. The Traders Dynamic Index indicator for MT4 was designed by a trader Dan Malone.

What is the default RSI period?

RSI Period: The default setting is set to 13. This basically determines the number of previous sessions or candlesticks that you want the RSI to be build upon. You can set this to a higher value but the RSI would then start to lag. Likewise, if the setting is too small, it can make the TDI a bit too sensitive to market swings. The best way to identify the setting you want to use is to figure out a setting that works for you if you were to use the RSI indicator on its own.

How do Bollinger bands work with TDI?

If you independently analyze the TDI indicator, you can see that the moving averages are used to determine the trend, while the Bollinger bands detect periods of high and low volatility through the contraction and expansion of the bands.

What is a TDI indicator for MT4?

The Traders Dynamic Index indicator for MT4 allows for more customizations including enabling visual and audio alerts. In this article we will look deeper into how you can use the TDI indicator for MT4 to scalp the forex markets.

What is the default setting for RSI?

RSI Price: The default setting for this is Price_Close. This determines what price to calculate the RSI for. You can choose other options such as using opening, closing, high or low prices. Bear in mind that the type of price you choose can impact how the indicator works. The closing price is often considered to be the most important price in a price chart. However, some traders tend to prefer using other prices as well.

What is the purpose of a TDI?

The TDI indicator’s primary purpose is to filter the markets when there is no trend. Once this is filtered and the TDI identifies the trend, the next stage of the indicator is to distinguish the price movements.

How to make RSI indicator red?

Insert another Moving Average indicator into the RSI’s indicator window and set that period to “7”, “Simple”, apply it to “Previo us Indicator’s Data” and make that line Red.

Does Forex Station pay commissions?

No commissions are earned by Forex-station.


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